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What recuperation does the girl kidney not taste good?

During this period of time, the waist is very uncomfortable. Sometimes in the evening, there is too much night urine, and the condition of hair loss is quite serious. The girl’s kidney is not good. What kind of conditioning should I take? If the girl’s kidney is not good, she will have chills, chills and… Read More »

Can menstrual period wash hair? Hair is good dirty?

Can menstrual period wash hair? How dirty is your hair? According to your description, you can wash your hair during menstruation without any influence. Pay attention to the water temperature, not too cold, warm water can, menstruation period is normal shampoo. I hope it will help you. According to your description, you can wash your… Read More »

Four months after delivery, the hair loss is serious. The scalp will be greasy in two days. What can I do

Four months after delivery, the hair loss is serious, and the scalp is not greasy for two days. According to the situation you currently provide, you should be suffering from seborrheic dermatitis. It is suggested that you should pay attention to light diet, not too greasy, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid spicy food,… Read More »

How to make hair grow slowly and quickly

How to make hair grow slowly and quickly? The growth of hair is related to heredity, health status, hormone level, medicine and climate. All parts of hair do not grow and fall off at the same time, about 80% of all hairs are in the growth period. Normal people can shed 70 to 100 hairs… Read More »

It seems that there is a mite in the hair. How can I do it? It’s very distressing

Hair seems to have mites how to do is very distressed,… The performance of long mites on the head is oil, you can use your hands to pick out small particles, itchy head, dandruff is very much, hair loss is serious. It is recommended that you use black plastic bags to hold the quilt and… Read More »

What symptom can human body lack selenium have?

Hair often loses its hair. I haven’t paid much attention to it. Recently, I feel that hair loss is very serious. I went to the hospital for various tests and took blood tests. The tests say that if there is a lack of selenium in the body, what are the symptoms? Some of the symptoms… Read More »

Itchy, greasy scalp with dandruff and hair loss

The scalp is itchy, greasy, with dandruff and hair loss. It’s not good for sleeping and dreaming. Now it’s not so bad. But the scalp oil, the hair that has been lost, is not long. I’m glad to answer the questions for you. Pay attention to cleaning your hair every day. No spicy food. Wash… Read More »

Working on night shift, the nature of work is four shifts and three shifts

On the night shift, the nature of the work is four shifts and three shifts. How should boys maintain their bodies? The main consideration is seborrheic alopecia, which is caused by too much pressure of kidney deficiency. It is recommended to take Yangxue Shengfa capsule for conditioning. At ordinary times, pay attention to eat more… Read More »