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Recently, I feel a little pain in my left back and belly.

Recently, I feel a little pain in the left back and belly. It’s a kind of flesh pain, but there is no lesion on the surface. I don’t know if it’s pre-herpes zoster according to the materials you provided. If it’s really skin surface pain, it’s probably herpes zoster. It’s recommended that you observe it… Read More »

The child had repeated fever and herpes in his throat.

The child has repeated fever, herpes in his throat, cough, and a week’s injection. When the herpes is good, he has also pasted a small Chinese medicine, which is bad cough. Coughing during the day and night, the child may have symptoms of bronchitis caused by bacterial infection. Suggestions, your situation can go to the… Read More »

Recurrent lip herpes, decades of experience

Recurrent lip herpes, after decades, can it be radically cured? Can we support telemedicine? Lip herpes is an acute herpes skin disease caused by herpes simplex virus. Human beings are the only natural host of herpes simplex virus. The virus exists in the blister fluid, saliva and feces of patients, restorers or healthy carriers. The… Read More »

My girl will be five years old in a minute.

My girl will soon be five years old, suffering from angina pharyngis, eating ribavirin, now there are herpes under the armpit, elbow joints, thighs, asked her, she said that she did not feel anything, no pain or itching, this is how it is, to go to the hospital for examination? Now the situation is that… Read More »

Simple, urinary occult blood 3, 10 years

Simple, urinary occult blood 3, 10 years. Recently, I took Panax Notoginseng Powder Isothermal Kidney Drug. Occasionally, it decreases. Not all disappeared. It is easy to relapse. What is the disease? According to the symptoms you mentioned, 10 years of simple occult blood urine, your other routine urine tests are normal, which shows that you… Read More »

What’s the difference between blisters and blisters? What harm will it do if blisters grow and foot astigmatism is used?

What’s the difference between blisters and blisters? What’s the damage to blisters and blisters when blisters grow and use foot astigmatism? There should be no difference between blisters and blisters, just different writing. If blisters do not break, sufficient astigmatism will not affect. It is recommended that you go to the dermatology department of the… Read More »

Now more than nine weeks pregnant, there are blisters in the labia vulvae

Now more than nine weeks pregnant, there are blisters in the labia vulvae, herpes simplex virus recurrence, with Acyclovir Ointment can be treated? Does it affect the fetus? At present, the absorption of drugs for trauma over nine weeks of pregnancy is limited, which should not cause damage to the fetus. Your condition is a… Read More »

After four days of eating Yousiming, severe neuralgia occurred.

After four days of eating Yousiming, there was severe neuralgia, so you stopped Yousiming, and then came out with blisters to diagnose herpes zoster. Now it is the fifth day of drug withdrawal. It is found that there is a little blood in the secretion. Is this menstruation coming? Honey, I’ve looked at your main… Read More »

Herpes zoster, no blisters, about a week

Herpes zoster developed in about a week without blisters or skin breakage. Now it’s purple. Is it in a good state? Or is it more serious? How long will it take to get better? Ask for specific answers. According to the situation you described, you have been diagnosed with herpes zoster, and it is convalescent.… Read More »

Mother was infected with herpes simplex virus

Mother infected with herpes simplex virus, in the brain, strong pain, what good analgesics according to your description and analysis, your mother’s situation belongs to herpes simplex, I suggest you send the picture to me to see, you can apply acyclovir ointment, oral acyclovir tablets, light diet, taboo hot stimulation. Food. Herpes simplex virus infection?… Read More »