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A knot on the face, with a white head, resembles irony.

There are knots on the face, with white head, similar to irony may be dermatitis, eczema, you can go to the pediatric department to see, in addition, usually pay attention to the children to drink more water, it is best to get up in the morning to the children to drink some light saline, the… Read More »

There are lumps in the stomach, occasionally involuntarily swallowing saliva, how to register to the hospital

There are lumps in the stomach, occasionally involuntarily swallowing saliva, how to register to the hospital if it is the current description, it is suggested to further screen and check the Chinese medicine department, first hang up a Chinese medicine clinic to see, foreign body, uncomfortable, dry throat, saliva will ring like this situation can… Read More »

How about the treatment of keloid with traditional Chinese medicine?

Childhood naughty back carelessly left a wound, unexpectedly became a keloid, western medicine side effects are too big, how to treat keloids with traditional Chinese medicine? In fact, for keloids, traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine do not have specific drugs and therapies, but you want to change the mood of beauty I can understand,… Read More »

My son is 10 years old. He has a hard knot at the root of his hair.

Son’s hair root position has a hard knot, a few years ago is soft, and then hardened the patient’s symptoms can be considered as folliculitis performance, to use antibiotic drugs in time, suggest using erythromycin and metronidazole drug treatment, the knot is about a dollar coin size, touch will be a little painful. What’s the… Read More »

Is keloid plaster good for treatment?

There are keloids for a long time, but has not been treated. Recently, I heard that the effect of application is very good. I don’t know if this method has any effect. It can be applied to treat, treat and treat keloids, but the effect is not very obvious. I still recommend that you go… Read More »

What about the initial stage of keloid?

A few days ago, I just had keloids. I heard from my friends that the treatment effect of this keloid in the initial stage is better, but should not go to the hospital for relevant treatment? What will the effect of treatment be? If conditions permit, we should see a doctor in time to avoid… Read More »

How to do suppuration in keloid?

Just had a caesarean section, the abdomen scar inside appeared, a very rough life bar, and there are some purulent situation, how to do the purulent in the keloid? Generally only the scar system will have the situation of wound coarsening, borrow your situation to consider the scar constitution, since there is purulent, it should… Read More »

What about long keloids in ear-piercing holes?

This year, 23 years old, four months ago, the ear hole, has been wearing silver ear nails, in recent days with hand touch suddenly found a small lump, go to the hospital to check that there is a keloid, what can be eliminated? After the ear hole long scar, to prohibit wearing ear jewelry, avoid… Read More »

How to treat keloid?

I left a scar in front of my chest because of the operation, for three or four years, and then became a keloid, sometimes itchy and painful, really want to scratch, very annoying, how to treat it? If this situation is a small area of scar, it is recommended to use scar removing ointment first,… Read More »