How does psoriasis alleviate a disease?

It’s very serious to fall white skin from head to foot. It’s itchy from head to foot. It’s very serious on the back and legs. How can psoriasis relieve the disease after many years of illness? It is suggested that you should pay more attention to exercise, strengthen resistance and prevent cold in your daily… Read More »

Can’t psoriasis be cured all the time?

Last year’s psoriasis, then a year has been stable drug treatment, the recent back and neck varying degrees of this rash and itchy psoriasis has not been cured? Psoriasis is difficult to cure, but it is not an incurable disease. We must build up confidence. The correct treatment method is the key. Because most of… Read More »

Why can the psoriasis on the body aggravate?

There are some psoriasis on the body, but the disease has been aggravated recently. I have been taking medicine. What’s the matter? Why can the psoriasis on the body aggravate? Psoriasis is more difficult to treat, but as long as patients do a good job of examination and understanding about the condition, and then accept… Read More »

How to deal with red skin psoriasis

At that time, psoriasis was also treated repeatedly, and the drug was stopped. Suddenly, the spread of psoriasis was severe. It was all the symptoms of red skin psoriasis. Now, what can we do about red skin psoriasis? How can we do about red skin psoriasis? When using drugs to treat psoriasis, we can adjust… Read More »

Does psoriasis seek medical treatment have no effect why?

There is psoriasis on the body, seeking medical treatment everywhere, which has no effect. Now the whole body is full of dandruff, redness and itching. More and more severe, red pain, red area more and more. Does psoriasis seek medical treatment have no effect why? Psoriasis is commonly known as a more complex skin disease.… Read More »

How to control psoriasis quickly?

Maybe it’s genetic dad, but a year ago, he suddenly began to appear in large-scale drips on his limbs, and the wounds on his body would become such a rapid control method for psoriasis? Most of the prescriptions for the treatment of psoriasis contain hormone components, and although these hormone prescriptions have quick effect in… Read More »

How did psoriasis recur serious do?

For more than ten years, I haven’t seen my legs before. I went to the hospital this year for 3-4 months. How can I deal with the recurrence of psoriasis all over the body? Many patients have been treated, but have not been cured, a large reason is that there is no correct treatment method,… Read More »

Do you need to pay attention to psoriasis medication?

Hair first arm and knee have red dot, think allergy took medicine not to use, then go to province Chinese medicine, diagnosed as dropwise psoriasis, took Chinese medicine for two weeks, light erythema on the body retreated skin, but the neck is linked to the ear root red very itchy neck is red and white… Read More »

Why does psoriasis recur periodically

The common type has a small red dot from the age of about 10, and then it is extended to the whole body. It is the most serious one on the head. It is found all the year round, but sometimes it is serious, sometimes it is OK. There is periodic recurrence in the body.… Read More »

What to do with psoriasis and scalp itch

When psoriasis goes to the hospital, the scalp is not very obvious. I didn’t get the medicine for the scalp. The scalp itched these two days, but it’s not very itchy. What should I do? There is psoriasis scalp itch how to do this situation is necessary for symptomatic treatment this disease is related to… Read More »