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What should be paid attention to when treating abscess psoriasis?

The feeling of psoriasis on the body is more and more serious. Compared with the original psoriasis on the Internet, it has changed from the ordinary type to the abscess type. What should we pay attention to when treating the abscess type psoriasis? The treatment of abscess psoriasis should pay attention to: 1. Recognize the… Read More »

Psoriasis, not serious, has an impact on the birth of children, will it inherit the next generation?

Psoriasis, not serious, has an impact on the birth of children, will it be inherited to the next generation? This may be hereditary, it is suggested that timely treatment will be better, usually life habits and eating habits are better, there is psoriasis to be inherited by children? Common methods for psoriasis are: vitamin D3… Read More »

What do psoriasis need to pay attention to in living habits, eating and drinking

Psoriasis has been used for a long time, and many drugs are not good. What’s the reason? How to do it well at ordinary times? Is there anything that needs attention in life habits, eating and drinking? Can psoriasis be answered? What are the habits of life, eating and drinking of psoriasis patients that need… Read More »

How is diagnosed psoriasis treated?

There are pimples and desquamation on the head. It has been more than one month since the diagnosis of psoriasis was made in the local hospital. The medicine prepared by the local hospital has not improved significantly after a period of use, so I want to ask Fang Hospital to have a look. How is… Read More »