How does the child suffer from psoriasis?

By | December 11, 2019

There are red spots on the child’s head about the size of the nail plate. The child feels severe itching. Because his mother has been suffering from psoriasis for 20 years, what should he do if he is suspected to have inherited psoriasis? The treatment must be selected according to the specific situation, the most important thing is to vary according to different clinical types, stages, severity and location of skin lesions. Avoid all possible triggers. Prevent injury, avoid scratching and hot water scalding. We need to go to a professional hospital for treatment. According to the condition, the child has psoriasis for more than two years. In the middle, it’s good to take traditional Chinese medicine. There is a relapse. If you want to take bath, I don’t know whether the bath contains hormone. From the condition you described, the child may also have psoriasis. We suggest you go to the local regular hospital in time. Please check it in detail and make a clear diagnosis. According to the doctor’s opinion Treatment is good. When the child bathed, he found that his skin grew a lot of pimples, the skin was very rough, many parts were caught by the child were bleeding, in the hospital to do the skin examination said that is psoriasis, why does the child suffer from psoriasis? First go to the hospital dermatology department to see if the diagnosis is not psoriasis, it is necessary to actively treat, in daily life, abstain from alcohol, quit smoking, do not eat too spicy To avoid physical and chemical substances and drug stimulation, and to avoid upper respiratory tract infection. There are many effective external drugs, such as cod liver oil ointment, vitamin E cream, various hormone creams (don’t be afraid of hormones, as long as it is safe to use under the guidance of doctors), carbotriol, ENRIN, tacrolimus, etc., with good application, the effect is very good. There’s ultraviolet therapy in the area. Antibiotics, tretinoin and immunosuppressants were used systematically. All these treatments must be carried out under the guidance of doctors. , the medicine bath generally uses the Chinese medicine, does not contain the hormone, may go to the hospital dermatology department to see a doctor for treatment, the general psoriasis is very difficult to cure. This disease is a relatively stubborn disease, which is hard to cure. Especially, don’t listen to false advertisements and the words of Jianghu doctors to avoid being cheated. The reliable way is to go to the dermatology department of the regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment, so as to get a better treatment of psoriasis. Children’s psoriasis is mainly caused by three aspects: genetic factors. Children’s resistance is low and health cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it is easy to cause upper respiratory tract infection, which leads to psoriasis. Psychological factors are also one of the causes of children’s psoriasis.