What to do with psoriasis and scalp itch

By | December 11, 2019

When psoriasis goes to the hospital, the scalp is not very obvious. I didn’t get the medicine for the scalp. The scalp itched these two days, but it’s not very itchy. What should I do? There is psoriasis scalp itch how to do this situation is necessary for symptomatic treatment this disease is related to the body, so usually need to pay attention to the following aspects, avoid spicy stimulation of seafood barbecue diet light, eat more fruits and vegetables, oral loratadine, compound glycyrrhizin capsule, compound Qingdai pill, etc., with selenium disulfide lotion shampoo twice a week. Recently, my body suddenly itched. I thought it was ok, but there were a lot of red spots on my back. I scratched them and peeled them off. Hospital examination says it is psoriasis, how should have psoriasis to do just have psoriasis very urticant how to do? According to the situation you described, psoriasis is mainly manifested in the appearance of erythema with clear boundary, different shapes and sizes, and inflammation, dizziness and itching around. Psoriasis is a kind of chronic inflammatory skin disease, which has a long course and is easy to recur. At present, there is no effective radical cure method, but some drugs can be used to treat the symptoms and alleviate the symptoms. Recently, the scalp is always itchy, and there are too many dandruff. I bought a shampoo to remove dandruff, but it didn’t work after washing. Finally, I had to go to the hospital for examination, saying what to do if I got psoriasis. I suggest that patients should strengthen the cleaning of their heads in daily life. After washing their heads, it can reduce the peeling off of dandruff and the degree of itching. But in the shampoo, the patient should pay attention to a few points. The temperature of water should not be too cold or too hot to avoid aggravating itching. Shampoo selection should also pay attention to, choose the scalp and hair stimulation of small products. Keep good living habits. Psoriasis is a kind of skin disease which is easy to recur. Therefore, patients should pay attention to keep enough time and rest, diet, scientific diet, proper exercise, good personal hygiene, etc. in daily life, which will help to improve their own immune system and anti recurrence ability. , symptoms, the initial consideration is psoriasis on the scalp, currently itchy, it is recommended to cut off the hair on the skin with psoriasis, smear with hormone ointment or use moisturizer. If the hair is long, you can use coal tar lotion. Plus immunosuppressants. Avoid spicy food and stay up late. , you can use the medicine Simiao powder to wash the affected area with boiling water and glucocorticoid drugs to smear the affected area. Under the guidance of the doctor, you can use the medicine paresone for symptomatic treatment. During the treatment, you should pay attention not to scratch the affected area to prevent desquamation. Psoriasis has something to do with the poor immunity of the body. It’s a skin disease caused by fungal infection. It’s very stubborn, so we must insist on using it for a period of time. Once diagnosed with psoriasis, we must carry out systematic treatment under the guidance of a professional doctor, and usually eat light food, do not eat spicy fish, shrimp and seafood, and quit smoking and alcohol, drink more water, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, exercise properly, and strengthen the body. According to your description, it is usually seen in allergic psoriasis caused by fungal infection. It is suggested that the silver tablet can be used for treatment at ordinary times. If the effect is not good, it is better to go to a regular, professional skin specialist for examination and treatment, so as to avoid delay of the disease. Because of itchy body, you went to the hospital for examination and were diagnosed as psoriasis. Psoriasis, commonly known as psoriasis, is a chronic inflammatory skin disease with a long course of disease and a tendency to relapse. Some cases are almost never cured. Patients need long-term treatment, mainly including combination therapy, alternative therapy, sequential and intermittent therapy. Pay attention to diet, do not eat seafood, do not drink, do not smoke, not too tired. Drink more water and keep your diet light. I think it is better to choose traditional Chinese medicine. Although slow, it does not affect the overall health, with fewer side effects and good long-term effect. The patient can understand. At ordinary times, we should live a regular life, exercise more, eat light and nutritious food, and do not need to avoid eating deliberately. , the itching of psoriasis is caused by inflammation in the skin cuticle, incomplete keratinization of cells in the skin lesions, and the loss of skin moisture caused by the dry weather. This is also the reason why the skin of psoriasis patients is always itchy. You can use warm water or wet towel to gently wipe, and then use moisturizing protective agent to wipe to temporarily stop itching. Psoriasis, also known as psoriasis, has the characteristics of obstinacy and recurrence. It is difficult to cure it with conventional treatment methods. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this disease is mainly caused by the invasion of wind and evil, lying in the blood, blood dryness, wind generation, blood heat and toxin, and skin loss of nourishment. It is suggested that you use traditional Chinese medicine in combination with treatment, which has quick effect and definite effect. Reasonable prescription can clear blood heat, remove blood dryness, attack blood toxin, supplement internal deficiency, nourish stomach and spleen, dredge liver and regulate qi, especially eliminate psoriasis toxin. In addition, during the treatment, no hair should be avoided. During and after the treatment, pepper, wine, chicken and fish can be eaten without taboo. Because of everyone’s constitution The severity of the disease and the living environment are not the same, so the factors inducing itching are not the same. The specific analysis should be based on the actual situation of patients with psoriasis. It is suggested that patients with psoriasis can eat some of them in proper amount, and the diet of psoriasis should be mainly light. Patients with psoriasis can eat pork during the treatment, but they should eat less meat such as beef, mutton, dog meat, deer meat, and seafood. Patients with psoriasis can choose some foods with high nutritional ingredients according to their own disease development and physical quality. , control symptoms can be external use of today can spray, is more expensive, the effect is still OK. Psoriasis can not be cured, but it can be cured clinically. The treatment of the disease is a long process and must be sustained. The disease is manifested in the external, which is the reflection of visceral lesions. It must be treated with internal medicine. The recurrence rate of traditional Chinese medicine treatment is low, and the side effects are few. If it is slight psoriasis, it can not be used casually, especially hormone drugs. If it is often used, it will aggravate the condition of psoriasis. Keep a good attitude, it is recommended to go to the dermatology department of the hospital for examination. Generally speaking, it’s better to apply some ointment, and use it according to the doctor’s order according to the course of treatment.