Why does psoriasis recur periodically

By | December 11, 2019

The common type has a small red dot from the age of about 10, and then it is extended to the whole body. It is the most serious one on the head. It is found all the year round, but sometimes it is serious, sometimes it is OK. There is periodic recurrence in the body. Why does psoriasis recur periodically? I suggest you go to a regular hospital as soon as possible. The predisposing factors of psoriasis are complex and changeable. Patients should not be treated blindly because of their care. The treatment of psoriasis should be selected according to their own conditions and symptoms. Psoriasis is a psychosomatic disease. Therefore, we usually take the method of psychological consideration in clinical treatment to achieve better therapeutic effect. The current treatment of psoriasis is good. Also hope that patients in the diet to light diet, why psoriasis is easy to relapse psoriasis this disease is a skin disease that can not be completely cured, is a multifactor disease. Once the immunity is reduced, it may lead to the recurrence of this symptom, so it is mainly to improve the immunity. , my psoriasis recurred after treatment. I want to know why it recurred. Please tell me if anyone knows. According to the description, psoriasis is a common chronic inflammatory skin disease, easy to relapse and difficult to treat. Relapse is generally related to mental tension, stress, trauma, low immunity, infection and other factors. Usually pay attention to light diet, exercise, prevent cold, improve immunity, keep in a good mood. It’s better to go to the dermatology department of the hospital and take medicine according to personal conditions. Psoriasis is easy to occur in any part of the patient’s body, so many patients are eager to eliminate it after the disease, so they are eager to use drugs. Because of the excessive use of some hormone containing drugs, the patients have the problem of obesity, which makes the patients appear drug resistance, easy to aggravate the condition. When the patients have small area of skin lesions, they should be careful to use drugs, avoid the side effects of drugs, and avoid the irritation Strong medicine, generally the patient’s daily health care is not done in place, causing the recurrence of psoriasis. It is recommended that the patient pay more attention to the problems in life. 1. Refuse the cold and wind, prevent the recurrence of psoriasis, seasonal change, temperature fluctuate, is prone to cold and other diseases. People’s mood, psychology, spirit and diet change greatly, which is easy to cause psoriasis Relapse or aggravation, autumn is the season of high incidence of psoriasis, psoriasis patients in the cold season must strengthen preventive measures, enhance the body’s immunity to bacteria and viruses, especially children, due to the relatively weak physique, all aspects of development is not sound, it is easy to catch cold, throat infection, resulting in psoriasis, parents need to pay attention. 2. Keep away from upper respiratory tract infection and prevent recurrence of psoriasis. There are many factors inducing psoriasis, and upper respiratory tract infection is one of the important inducing factors. In the season of changing seasons, the temperature difference in the morning and evening of autumn is large, which is the season prone to upper respiratory tract infection. Therefore, patients with psoriasis must pay attention to keeping warm, avoiding upper respiratory tract infection and preventing recurrence of psoriasis. If the disease is aggravated, they must be treated in time. 3. Patients with psoriasis should avoid fish, shrimp, seafood, wine, spicy food, beef and mutton. However, it is not necessary to avoid too wide, which will not only affect the health of the body, but also is not conducive to the recovery of the disease. Therefore, the general principle of avoiding should be appropriate: we should avoid whatever food is sensitive to our own situation, which cannot be generalized. 4. It is not necessary to panic to keep the spirit happy, the mood stable and avoid getting psoriasis. First of all, it is necessary to realize that the disease is not infectious or incurable. The stimulation such as mental tension, emotional depression and poor mood can aggravate the disease. We should also eliminate the tension and learn to relax ourselves. 5. Never take medicine randomly to prevent serious consequences: more than 80% of the patients have the experience of aggravating the disease due to improper treatment. The patients should learn more about psoriasis as much as possible to know themselves and the other, and be careful to prevent being cheated. 6. Psoriasis patients, although the course of disease is lingering, generally speaking, are in good physical condition. As long as they adhere to the treatment of psoriasis and cooperate with doctors and patients, most patients can achieve clinical cure. At present, the cause of recurrence of psoriasis is not clear, because psoriasis is a disease with significant genetic background, and there are a series of complex immunological abnormalities, so the recurrence of the disease is fundamentally determined by the disease-related genes. Under the stimulation of internal and external environmental factors such as mental factors, infection, trauma, improper diet, and some drugs, it leads to psoriasis When the clinical symptoms subside, the abnormal immune state in the body has not been effectively corrected or completely recovered, which is also an important factor of recurrence. If you don’t pay attention, it may recur. Although with the development of medicine, there are more and more means to treat psoriasis, but only through various combined treatment means to prolong the remission period and reduce the recurrence times, of course, there are also some patients who can maintain the relapse for many years after the first onset of the disease, or even if the relapse of the rash is less, the condition is not serious, but also relapse is very frequent, the rash gradually increases and aggravates, relapse The frequency and severity of the disease vary widely among patients. At present, a good theory for the treatment of psoriasis is the theory of permeating the hair. The method of permeating the hair in traditional Chinese medicine can release the toxins in the body, express the unbalanced factors in the body, guide the body according to the circumstances, and expel pathogenic factors. That is to say, “follow the wishes” and “follow the nature”. It plays the role of opening the door and chasing thieves. It fundamentally treats this kind of skin disease, so you don’t need to avoid eating after the cure. I wish you a speedy recovery. The reasons for your relapse are skin injury, mental tension, bacterial infection and environmental factors. The most important suggestion is to find a Chinese medicine to avoid the above factors after treatment. I hope it can help you