Do you need to pay attention to psoriasis medication?

By | December 11, 2019

Hair first arm and knee have red dot, think allergy took medicine not to use, then go to province Chinese medicine, diagnosed as dropwise psoriasis, took Chinese medicine for two weeks, light erythema on the body retreated skin, but the neck is linked to the ear root red very itchy neck is red and white flower spot psoriasis medication have to pay attention to it? The initial treatment of psoriasis should be timely, do not treat blindly, control the development of the disease as soon as possible, and do not miss a good period of treatment. Otherwise, the treatment will be more difficult. In the initial treatment of psoriasis, we should pay attention to the skin health and the care of our own skin, so as to reduce or avoid the recurrence of psoriasis. Psoriasis vulgaris; calves, whole body, scalp. There are hands and heads on the little feet. Red spot and white skin, repeated, relapsed. What should we pay attention to in the treatment of psoriasis? According to the symptoms, the patients should be psoriasis. In order to overwork, long illness or lack of innate endowment leading to deficiency of Qi and blood and loss of nutrition in the skin, it is suggested to supplement qi and blood in the red spots of the skin, nourishing blood and dispelling wind drugs such as Bazhen granules, Xiaofeng powder, and anti histamine drugs such as loratadine capsule, to avoid wind chill and get psoriasis, There are a lot of scales on the body, which should be red skin type psoriasis. For several months, we should pay attention to what psoriasis has to pay attention to according to the clinical conditions of psoriasis. It is mainly due to the genetic low immunity of the body, infection and other skin diseases caused by factors. It is recommended to carry out comprehensive treatment of fremitil through Xiaoyan granule Amway capsule Treatment. Psoriasis has a certain relationship with the reduction of self immunity and the repeated inflammation of tonsil. In the process of normal treatment, we must pay attention not to catch cold and fever, do proper exercise, strengthen exercise and enhance immunity. Pay attention to light diet, avoid spicy and stimulating food, seafood food and some sensitive food. Patients with itching will get worse if they eat seafood. Usually, they can eat more vegetables rich in vitamin C to relieve the disease, such as cabbage. I wish you a speedy recovery! According to your description, do not use hormone type ointment for psoriasis,. The predisposing factors of psoriasis are complex and changeable. Patients should not be treated blindly because of their care. The treatment of psoriasis should be selected according to their own conditions and symptoms. Psoriasis can be treated with Lingxue, a herbal medicine of the wet grind hall. It’s made of traditional Chinese medicine. In addition, you should avoid eating spicy seafood. I hope it can help you. Thank you. , psoriasis is a kind of chronic skin disease, and the treatment of psoriasis is a relatively long process. Therefore, during the treatment, don’t be impatient, be patient, and actively accept the treatment of the regular hospital. Patients and friends should pay attention to the scientific use of drugs and avoid blind use of drugs. Psoriasis, also known as psoriasis, is one of the most stubborn skin diseases. It can only be cured after a period of time and more attention in all aspects. For a period of psoriasis, it must be treated with oral and external medicine under the guidance of a professional doctor. At ordinary times, it is necessary to eat a light diet, not spicy fish and shrimp, seafood, and more fresh fruits and vegetables to avoid the sun and heat. At the same time, exercise properly to enhance the body’s immunity. According to the medical history analysis provided by you, there are psoriasis lesions on the scalp, limbs and trunk. It is recommended to take Xiaoyin capsule, compound glycyrrhizin tablet, and use carbotrianol ointment locally for treatment. Do not drink or eat spicy food. The symptoms of erythrodermic psoriasis are fever, chills and headache. With enlarged lymph nodes, the number of leukocytes can be increased. It often occurs after the ordinary psoriasis is used improperly or the pustular psoriasis subsides. It shows that the whole body skin is reddening, infiltrating, swelling, desquamation, and there may be healthy skin between the lesions. To prevent psoriasis, we should pay attention to avoid scratches, cuts, bruises and infections. For psoriasis patients, it is really important to avoid bruises and cuts. Psoriasis starts to spread in the wounds of your skin, and infection can also trigger psoriasis. According to the symptoms described in your condition, Yinxiao disease is a common skin disease in clinic. It is suggested that you should pay attention to light diet, eat less cold and spicy food, avoid sunlight, and wish you health and happiness. Psoriasis, commonly known as psoriasis, is a chronic and recurrent skin disease, which is not easy to cure. Fast spicy fish, shrimp and other stimulating food, fast beef and mutton, keep a good rest, enough sleep, prevent emotional changes, which is helpful for disease recovery. Patients with psoriasis should keep their daily routine, do not stay up late, do not eat spicy and stimulating food, do not eat seafood, must stop drinking, quit smoking, can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, eat more beans and grains, and do not wash them frequently.