How did psoriasis recur serious do?

By | December 11, 2019

For more than ten years, I haven’t seen my legs before. I went to the hospital this year for 3-4 months. How can I deal with the recurrence of psoriasis all over the body? Many patients have been treated, but have not been cured, a large reason is that there is no correct treatment method, plus after treatment, due to some infections, the use of hormone drugs, so that psoriasis recurrence, more serious. One is “repeated treatment”, the other is “repeated treatment”. In medicine, it shows different horizons and levels of treatment, and in patients, it shows different treatment effects. The patients themselves are naturally clear that repeated treatment is just an indicator of no cure, and it is painful and even more serious; and repeated treatment is a new breakthrough in the field of psoriasis treatment. Although we can not cure it now, we believe that through our efforts and the cooperation of patients with psoriasis, we can achieve the effect of repeated treatment. There are several protuberances on the head with white silver chips falling off and itching. I bought some medicine, OK. A month ago, it recurred again. I didn’t take it seriously. Later, it became more and more. Psoriasis recurrence serious how to do psoriasis is difficult to treat easily recurrent skin disease, its etiology is complex. The clinical application of traditional Chinese medicine has a definite therapeutic effect. Sticking to medication can effectively prevent or reduce recurrence. Try not to use hormone drugs to avoid aggravating the disease. At the same time of treatment, attention should be paid to diet, hygiene, light diet, eating more fruits and vegetables, avoiding spicy and stimulating food, shrimp and crab, seafood, and alcohol prohibition. , the recurrence of psoriasis is becoming more and more serious, and the medication has no effect. Go to the hospital to check whether you can control the recurrence area while taking medicine and ointment, or whether you have an unexplained attack. Every day, you worry about the recurrence of psoriasis on the neck, face and hands. How to deal with psoriasis is a common skin disease that can be cured, but it can not be eradicated, and it is easy to relapse. It is suggested that you can use the compound Qingdai pill, or look at the dermatology department of traditional Chinese medicine, and use the traditional Chinese medicine decoction for conditioning. The recurrence of psoriasis is only a matter of time. So be prepared. We can choose to use some simple hormone drugs for external use, combined with some oral ginkgo granules for comprehensive treatment. It can take Yinxieling capsule and transfer factor orally. Apply darex cream on the outside. Combined with ultraviolet light treatment. Pay attention to eat less pepper, beef and mutton, not to drink. Eat more fruits and vegetables and milk. Don’t stay up late. Pay attention to exercise more, improve the body’s immune function. Take a shower more often. After taking a bath, apply moisturizer. For psoriasis, patients should take corresponding timely and effective treatment measures in the early stage of symptom occurrence, so as to control the condition and avoid the aggravation of symptoms caused by delayed treatment. At the same time, patients should pay attention to the regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment, to avoid credulity of unprofessional personnel, and to avoid unauthorized use of drugs, so as to avoid aggravating the disease. Suggestion: during the treatment of psoriasis, the patient should also pay attention not to stay in bed all the time, and take part in outdoor sports properly. Sun exposure, as well as exercise and sweating, are very helpful to relieve the skin symptoms of patients. Exercise more, not only can enhance the body’s resistance, but also can promote blood circulation, so that the disease can heal faster. For psoriasis, a stubborn disease, consolidation treatment is very important and essential. Only in this way can we prolong the recurrence time of the disease. The initial stage of psoriasis is the best treatment time. Patients need to find early treatment, early treatment to achieve a good recovery, to minimize the harm to themselves, and to avoid unnecessary troubles to work and life in the future. Timely recovery from the pain as soon as possible. According to their own physical condition and condition, choose the most suitable treatment method to treat them. At the same time, when the patients try these treatment methods, they should be carried out in the regular large-scale hospital, and they should accept the diagnosis of expert doctors. Don’t blindly take some methods to avoid the occurrence of adverse reactions in critical life. I wish you a speedy recovery. At the beginning of the disease, the basic symptom of psoriasis is a little red spot on the skin. If we don’t pay attention to it and treat it in time, the red spot rash will rapidly increase and spread in three to four months. At present, we can take medicine treatment, laser, medicine bath and other methods to treat this skin disease. In this case, we suggest to receive treatment under the guidance of doctors in time to avoid the aggravation of the disease. The treatment of psoriasis is not recommended to use external drugs. Most of the external drugs contain hormones. Although they can cure psoriasis in a short time, they are easy to relapse and have certain side effects. It is unscientific for you to treat blindly without confirmation. We suggest that patients go to a regular hospital for examination. The doctor will carry out targeted treatment according to the patient’s condition. The etiology of psoriasis is complex, and it is difficult to achieve the desired effect with a single drug. At present, there are many treatment methods for psoriasis, whether it can be cured or not can not be generalized. The treatment of psoriasis by western medicine will often recur, and the treatment of psoriasis by traditional Chinese medicine will develop a personalized treatment plan according to the patient’s condition. According to your description, psoriasis is a chronic dermatitis injury disease, which is easy to relapse and difficult to cure. It is recommended that you apply carbotriol cream and retinoic acid cream to the affected area, take methotrexate tablets orally, pay attention to the light diet, avoid stimulating spicy food, and strengthen the body’s immunity. According to what you said, the course of this disease is relatively long. I suggest you go to see traditional Chinese medicine. The comprehensive dialectical treatment is better. Taking some traditional Chinese medicine will help you a lot. It is suggested that patients with psoriasis should go to the dermatology department of a regular hospital for standardized treatment. Mild protectants and emollients should be used in the acute stage of psoriasis. Anti infective drugs, such as penicillin, erythromycin, cephalosporin and so on; methotrexate is an effective drug for the treatment of psoriasis. Retinoids, cyclosporine and glucocorticoids have certain therapeutic effects on psoriasis