Does psoriasis seek medical treatment have no effect why?

By | December 11, 2019

There is psoriasis on the body, seeking medical treatment everywhere, which has no effect. Now the whole body is full of dandruff, redness and itching. More and more severe, red pain, red area more and more. Does psoriasis seek medical treatment have no effect why? Psoriasis is commonly known as a more complex skin disease. The treatment method needs to be determined according to the patient’s etiology, condition, constitution, age, etc. the treatment of psoriasis not only needs to treat the surface symptoms but also the toxins of psoriasis in the body. Maintaining a good mentality is the key to the treatment of the disease, so we should be optimistic, fully and correctly understand the disease, and then consider how to treat it. It is impossible to cure the disease. Do not believe that it can be cured, but reasonable medication can effectively reduce and reduce the recurrence rate. Long term treatment should be considered for chronic diseases. The better the overall treatment is, the more careful it is, and the faster the good treatment is. In the past 20 years or so, psoriasis has been in good and bad times. In recent months, it has been out of control. After half a month’s medication, it still has no effect on psoriasis. How can we treat this disease? It is recommended that patients go to medical institutions for treatment. Patients should not be treated blindly. Sometimes blind treatment of this disease will lead to other problems Complications. In order to avoid repeated symptoms or disease development, keep a good mood in daily life, eat healthy meals, eat more green vegetables or fresh fruits, drink more milk and soymilk, etc., and exercise frequently, which is conducive to skin health and prevent symptom recurrence. It has been two years since we got psoriasis. But it’s been a long time. It can’t be cured. If we want to cure it, what kind of method should we take? What medicine should I take? How is psoriasis treated effect good? Psoriasis is a kind of chronic recurrent skin disease, which can not be cured. It needs standardized treatment under the guidance of doctors. You can choose immunosuppressant, hormone medicine, phototherapy and medicine bath according to your condition. Treatment needs to follow the principle of individual, normal and safe. The etiology of this disease is very complex. At present, the etiology is not very clear, so it is difficult to treat. It is generally believed that heredity, immune dysfunction, mental and neurological factors, inflammation, trauma and other factors are the common causes. According to your description, psoriasis has been in good and bad condition for about 20 years. In recent months, it has been out of control. When psoriasis is being treated, try not to use hormone ointment. Avoid eating in life. Usually, take a rest earlier. For treatment, you can use Lingxue, a wet grind hall herb developed by Chinese herbal medicine. I hope it can help you. Thank you. Patients with psoriasis should choose their own treatment. Patients don’t see how others can treat them. They can treat themselves like that. The treatment may be wrong for you. Because the pathogenesis of psoriasis is complex, and each patient’s condition and physical condition are different, so patients should choose the treatment method according to their own situation. We should also pay attention to strengthening diet regulation and adjusting unreasonable diet structure. Correct and reasonable diet is very necessary for the prevention and treatment of psoriasis. , psoriasis, also known as psoriasis, mainly manifested as erythema, scales and pruritus in trunk, limbs, etc. Long term treatment can reduce the drug sensitivity. In this case, you can consider to use some other drugs, in addition to methotrexate tablets and UVB light treatment. Psoriasis, an autoimmune disease, is easy to recur. At present, there is no specific medicine. It is suggested that carbotriol ointment and retinoic acid ointment can be used externally. If necessary, glucocorticoid ointment can be used. Oral retinoids and immunosuppressants can be used. In addition, physical therapy such as ultraviolet radiation can be used. Attention should be paid to light diet, no smoking and alcohol, and keep the mood comfortable. Psoriasis is psoriasis. Psoriasis has the characteristics of obstinacy and recurrence. Conventional medicine can cure it, but it still recurs. It is necessary to discharge all the psoriasis toxins in the blood to achieve the goal of radical cure. It is suggested that you use the traditional Chinese medicine ephedra, Fangfeng, Euphorbia, Schizonepeta tenuifolia, wuzao snake, whole insect, centipede, Angelica dahurica, mint, asarum, Cnidium, ginseng, aloes, and jinjingcao