How to deal with red skin psoriasis

By | December 11, 2019

At that time, psoriasis was also treated repeatedly, and the drug was stopped. Suddenly, the spread of psoriasis was severe. It was all the symptoms of red skin psoriasis. Now, what can we do about red skin psoriasis? How can we do about red skin psoriasis? When using drugs to treat psoriasis, we can adjust the internal environment of human body with food therapy, so as to improve the ability of disease prevention and resistance of human body. It can often be used alone What a drug can’t do. The same is true for psoriasis. If we insist on proper food therapy at the same time of drug treatment and in the remission period of psoriasis (when there is no skin lesions), it will have positive significance to promote the regression of skin lesions and prevent their recurrence. , got red skin psoriasis in summer, what should I do? How should summer get red skin psoriasis to do? Get red skin type psoriasis how to do to have psoriasis, psoriasis to scale erythema based chronic skin disease, and genetic factors, infection factors, immune metabolism, physical and chemical factors can also be induced, easy to relapse, there are four types, common type, pustular type, red skin type and joint type, common type is the most common, increased in winter, reduced in summer. It is recommended that you go to the dermatology department of the local top three hospital for face-to-face consultation, and let professional personnel determine the best treatment plan for you. It is suggested to pay attention to rest in daily life, do not stay up late, do not work hard, eat light food, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid spicy and irritant food, avoid beef and mutton, fish and shrimp, seafood, take a bath frequently, change clothes frequently, pay attention to moisturizing skin, and wear loose cotton clothes. , 7 years with a prescription, just a few days to see good, then more and more serious, and then developed into a red skin disease! How to treat psoriasis that has turned into erythroderma? How to treat erythroderma psoriasis: it is suggested to be hospitalized and systematic investigation is needed. Take compound glycyrrhizin tablets, vitamin C tablets and Tripterygium wilfordii polyglycosides tablets orally; external use silicon Cream Moisturizing and moisturizing. To avoid irritant factors, the condition of patients with erythrodermic psoriasis is very serious. If patients with erythrodermic psoriasis want to be cured as soon as possible, they must choose a regular psoriasis hospital in time, carry out comprehensive inspection and symptomatic treatment. If you get red skin psoriasis, don’t be afraid at this time. Insist on the following points. I believe you will get a satisfactory therapeutic effect in the end. 1. Go to a regular hospital for treatment. Only going to a regular hospital for treatment can achieve good treatment effect, and will not aggravate the condition due to the use of wrong drugs. Therefore, choosing the right hospital is the premise of treatment. 2. Pay attention to diet care. There are many foods that people with psoriasis should avoid: spicy and irritant food, various kinds of wine, food with heavy taste Patients must avoid eating, because food will aggravate the condition of psoriasis. 3. Sanitation should be clean. Psoriasis patients will have a large number of scales fall, which requires patients to clean their clothes and sheets frequently, to ensure sanitation and cleanness, so as to avoid aggravating the infection of the affected area. 4. Keep a good mood. Patients with psoriasis should realize the role of a positive mood in the treatment of the disease. A good mood is conducive to the play of the treatment effect, and also has a positive role in the health of the patients themselves. If you have psoriasis, you need to combine Chinese and Western medicine. It can be treated with drugs and topical corticosteroid ointment clobetasol propionate cream. Avoid high-fat, fried diet, pay attention to drink more water. According to your analysis, this situation suggests that you follow the doctor’s advice for treatment. Erythrodermic psoriasis is caused by the improper treatment of psoriasis, especially the use of hormone drugs in the acute stage of psoriasis vulgaris, or the long-term use of corticosteroids, the improper method of stopping or reducing dosage. , I’m glad to answer for you. Red skin psoriasis is the most important type of psoriasis. Cyclosporine, isotretinoin, anti-inflammatory, immune regulation, infection prevention and albumin supplementation are commonly used in the treatment of erythrodermic psoriasis. , according to your situation analysis, this kind of situation appears red skin psoriasis, usually pay attention to personal hygiene, and pay attention to diet. It is suggested that you can cooperate with the drug treatment in this case, and do not eat high purine food such as seafood and beef. Avoid contact with allergens. There are still many types of psoriasis. Most of them are common. Red skin type, then, is mostly due to long-term hormone therapy. This kind of disease, cannot pursue the short-term curative effect. Eventually, it will lead to the deterioration of the disease, and forbid the external use drugs with strong stimulation. Be careful with hormones! Hello, according to your description, psoriasis turns into red skin type, and the treatment of psoriasis exfoliative dermatitis caused by nonstandard treatment is initially considered as a serious psoriasis. It is suggested that we should go to the dermatology department of the hospital as soon as possible to have a clear diagnosis, and use the medicine according to the condition standard under the guidance of the doctor. In the course of external use, hormone free drugs such as retinoic acid ointment or icifon should be used. 3% salicylic acid ointment, 5% turpentine or coal tar emulsion can be selected after the condition is stable. It is forbidden to eat spicy and pungent food, fat, sweet and thick taste. It is not allowed to eat high calorie animal food, such as cattle, sheep, chicken, fish, shrimp, etc. Smoking cessation liquor. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. , psoriasis is relatively stubborn, but some of the recent treatment can not completely avoid recurrence. Can eat vitamin A acid capsule, cyproheptadine, vitamin B6, Yinxieling granules. At ordinary times, we should keep a good mood, exercise actively, strengthen our immunity, avoid fatigue and upper respiratory tract infection. , you said that this situation proves that the negative disease has been aggravated. I think you can choose oral medicine, combined with external medicine, oral thymosin enteric coated tablets, combined with external application. Carbotriol cream. Erythroderma psoriasis is a serious type. In the treatment, we should pay attention not to use drugs randomly, so as to avoid more serious consequences. It is suggested that we should use the TCM Method to treat the symptoms, not to use toxic drugs, and control the recurrence is the key. Psoriasis is a kind of skin disease with multiple symptoms. The main symptoms are red spots and pimples on the skin, covered with multi-layer silvery white dandruff, and some ecdysis and dry itching. It reminds you not to treat it in disorder, but also to carry out comprehensive treatment according to your own symptoms combined with internal and external washing of traditional Chinese medicine. In addition, daily life diet needs to be taboo, mental relaxation, do more sports, and strive to strengthen the immune function to prevent the recurrence of symptoms. Attention should be paid to the daily diet. Psoriasis is closely related to people’s daily diet. Bad eating habits are likely to be one of the main factors leading to psoriasis, so people should pay attention to the daily diet, try to eat less spicy and irritant food, so as to avoid the stimulation of diet, which has become a major cause of psoriasis. Psoriasis is a kind of chronic inflammatory skin disease, which is thought to be caused by genetic, infection, immune disorders and mental stress. Erythematous psoriasis is characterized by diffuse flushing, swelling and desquamation of the whole skin, accompanied by fever, chills, discomfort and other systemic symptoms, superficial lymphadenopathy and increased leukocyte count. It is suggested to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, such as apples, pears, bananas, oranges and other fresh green vegetables, tofu, balsam pear and other light diet, and vitamin A acid drugs can be used.