Can’t psoriasis be cured all the time?

By | December 11, 2019

Last year’s psoriasis, then a year has been stable drug treatment, the recent back and neck varying degrees of this rash and itchy psoriasis has not been cured? Psoriasis is difficult to cure, but it is not an incurable disease. We must build up confidence. The correct treatment method is the key. Because most of the current treatment places and drugs can not make the patients get effective treatment, which makes the patients lose confidence. The conventional drugs can generally be cured, but they still recur. We must discharge many elements of psoriasis toxin in the blood to achieve the treatment effect Fruit. , my father has been suffering from psoriasis for two years, and we have used many drugs, but the overall effect is not very good. Now there are still so many psoriasis, but there is a little bit of going on in another place. Maybe it has been treated for too long. My father has little information and doesn’t want to treat it anymore. According to the symptoms, the patient should be psoriasis. Due to overwork, long illness or congenital deficiency of endowment, the deficiency of Qi and blood and the loss of nutrition in the skin lead to pruritus and pimples of the skin. It is suggested to give Qi and blood tonic, blood nourishing and wind dispelling drugs such as Xiaofeng powder, Bazhen granule and anti histamine drugs such as loratadine capsule. The incidence of hereditary father has been treated for more than ten years now. Acute disease Before going to the hospital, I have received many treatments, but I have not thoroughly used many kinds of drugs. After a period of time, I will relapse again. How can I deal with psoriasis? At present, there is no way to completely cure this disease. So be prepared. It is mainly symptomatic treatment. It is generally recommended to use some oral thymosin enteric coated tablets and some external tacrolimus ointment for comprehensive treatment, which should have a certain effect. Psoriasis, also known as psoriasis, is a chronic recurrent skin disease. At present, there are many methods of treatment. You can choose to take oral medicine in combination with phototherapy. However, it needs a process. Usually, you should not stay up late and work hard. The pressure should not be too high. Patients with psoriasis should pay attention to the regularity of life, the combination of work and rest, avoid excessive fatigue, and at the same time, physical exercise is needed to strengthen their physique Keep a good health condition, effectively prevent the occurrence of tonsillitis and other diseases, eat spicy and stimulating food, never drink alcohol, avoid cold, especially aggravate the symptoms. Do not eat beef and mutton, pay attention to rest, keep in a good mood and avoid over treatment. Don’t abuse hormones. It’s the key to recover your health as soon as possible to find out the disease as soon as possible and accept the regular diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. Patients should not blindly use the partial and secret prescriptions, which will delay the good opportunity of treatment. Early detection and early treatment is still possible to cure psoriasis. At the same time, we should pay attention to the taboo, keep a peaceful mind, avoid the factors that may cause psoriasis, and cooperate with the treatment according to the doctor’s instructions. Psoriasis is a common chronic skin disease, which is characterized by multiple layers of silvery white dry scales on the erythema. Cowhide fresh is a skin disease. It is characterized by pimples and erythema of different sizes, covered with silvery white scales on the surface, with clear boundary, and is prone to scalp, limb extension and back. More men than women. In spring and winter, it is easy to recur or aggravate, while in summer and autumn, it is more relieved. It is recommended to go to the dermatology department for examination and treatment. Psoriasis really belongs to a disease that is difficult to treat, and many patients lose confidence, but it is better not to give up the treatment, because giving up the treatment may lead to the aggravation of psoriasis, which will have a certain impact on the body and life of the patients. It is suggested that you can combine several drugs, such as taking external drugs, and then cooperate with some Chinese medicine to carry out internal adjustment Li, it should be better. To maintain a good mentality is the key to the treatment of the disease, so we should be optimistic, fully and correctly understand the disease, and then consider how to treat it. It is impossible to cure the disease. Do not believe that it can be cured, but reasonable medication can effectively reduce and reduce the recurrence rate. Long term treatment should be considered for chronic diseases. The better the overall treatment is, the more careful it is, and the faster the good treatment is. The short-term effect should not be pursued unilaterally. Western medicine treatment is quick, but easy to relapse. I think it is better to choose traditional Chinese medicine. Although slow, it does not affect the overall health, with fewer side effects and good long-term effect. Chinese medicine Astragalus, Lithospermum, guanyinliu, duckweed and other Paojiu internal treatment of the disease effect is good, patients can understand. At ordinary times, we should live a regular life, exercise more, eat light and nutritious food, and do not need to avoid eating deliberately. It can enhance the function of autoimmune resistance. Effective prevention of recurrence. Many patients have given up treatment because of their long-term illness. Patients as long as to the regular hospital, take targeted treatment, grasp the best treatment period of psoriasis, can effectively treat psoriasis. The main symptoms of psoriasis are itching and scaling off locally, which can also lead to ulceration if it is serious. This kind of disease needs comprehensive medication. It is recommended that you go to the outpatient department and ask the doctor for a detailed examination. Cooperate with drug treatment. , psoriasis treatment: 1. Combined with the condition, select appropriate external drugs: vitamin D3; external glucocorticoids; anthracene: commonly used in chronic plaque psoriasis. 2. Internal use: methotrexate is suitable for erythroderma and arthropathy. Retinoids are used in generalized pustular psoriasis, erythroderma psoriasis and severe plaque psoriasis. Use glucocorticoids with caution. At present, immunosuppressants such as cyclosporine A, tacrolimus and mycofenate have good efficacy in severe psoriasis. 3. Physical therapy. 4. Chinese herbal medicine and compound Qingdai pill, Tripterygium wilfordii, compound danshen tablet, etc.