How to do on psoriasis head all the time do not have method to heal?

By | December 11, 2019

Psoriasis has red patches on the head, nose, arms and legs. The area has increased. There are plaques and itchy molting all over the body. I went to see it last year and this year. Now it’s basically OK. On the head has not been able to heal psoriasis on the head has not been able to heal how to do? It is recommended that you go to a regular hospital as soon as possible. The predisposing factors of psoriasis are complex and changeable. Patients should not be treated blindly because of their care. The treatment of psoriasis should be selected according to their own conditions and symptoms. Psoriasis is a psychosomatic disease. Therefore, we usually take the method of psychological consideration in clinical treatment to achieve better therapeutic effect. The current treatment of psoriasis is good. Also hope that patients in the diet to light diet, I wish you a speedy recovery. , how to deal with the long psoriasis on the head? There are many bags like dandruff on the head, which are extremely itchy. With the clasp some water and bleeding, has nearly half a year time, more and more. Psoriasis is an infectious skin disease, which is more difficult to treat on the head. It is recommended that you go to a regular hospital or a large specialized psoriasis hospital for treatment, which is not too expensive, and the effect is better. There is fresh cow hide on the head. It can’t be cured anywhere. It itches to death every day. How to treat psoriasis is suitable for the chronic skin inflammation related to autoimmunity. Part of it is related to infection. If there is hypertension, hyperlipidemia or irregular work and rest, drinking and so on will affect the treatment effect. Psoriasis can be treated by oral medicine, external medicine, traditional Chinese medicine bath and narrow spectrum UVB irradiation. Topical carbotrianol liniment for scalp psoriasis. Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory recurrent skin disease, which is very common in clinic. It can be divided into vulgaris, pustules, arthropathy and erythroderma. There is a tendency of self-healing, but it is easy to relapse, often lifelong disease. Do not eat tobacco or wine, beef or mutton, or smoked food. Avoid cold, sore throat, etc., can aggravate the condition. Specific treatment, go to a regular hospital, after diagnosis, receive treatment under the guidance of a doctor, psoriasis is a fungal infection of the skin, because the drug is difficult to penetrate, the fungus is easy to relapse, so it can only be controlled, can not be completely cured when you can take western medicine, usually can be adjusted with traditional Chinese medicine, pay attention to maintaining a comfortable mood in daily life, avoid cold and spicy diet Food, psoriasis is generally not easy to cure good, itch do not scratch, to avoid aggravation of the disease. The external application of anthracene ointment combined with the treatment of Diyin tablet can be treated with black snake powder and compound Qingdai pill. Normal life should be regular, do not eat spicy food.