How is diagnosed psoriasis treated?

By | December 11, 2019

There are pimples and desquamation on the head. It has been more than one month since the diagnosis of psoriasis was made in the local hospital. The medicine prepared by the local hospital has not improved significantly after a period of use, so I want to ask Fang Hospital to have a look. How is diagnosed psoriasis treated? It is suggested that the treatment of psoriasis needs a gradual process, not too anxious, but also can not be ignored. At the same time, patients do not need to be too pessimistic, as long as active treatment will be good. Western medicine treatment is quick, but easy to relapse. I think it is better to choose traditional Chinese medicine. Although it’s slow, it doesn’t affect the overall health, with few side effects and good long-term effect. It’s been four or five years since psoriasis. Now it’s on the legs and waist, and on the head. Have taken western medicine and Chinese medicine have taken over and over again feeling more and more heavy, how should I treat? According to the symptoms, the patients should be psoriasis. In order to overwork, long-term illness or congenital deficiency, which leads to deficiency of Qi and blood and loss of nutrition of the skin, it is recommended to supplement qi and blood for pruritus. Blood nourishing and wind dispelling drugs such as Xiaofeng powder and Bazhen granules are recommended for treatment. Low salt and low fat diet is also recommended. Psoriasis is psoriasis. Vitamin A ointment can be used for external application, and hormone containing ointment should be used as little as possible No, in order to avoid adverse reactions, oral administration of avermectin is recommended. Then according to the syndrome differentiation and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, we should take the regular scientific treatment of traditional Chinese medicine reasonably, without listening to any partial prescriptions and divine prescriptions. We should be patient with chronic diseases and try to eat less stimulating food. Adjust good mood, avoid tiredness, mental tension and other aggravating factors. Psoriasis is an infectious skin disease, which should be treated in time. It is suggested that you go to a regular hospital or a specialized hospital for examination and treatment of psoriasis, which costs less and has a good effect. It can take Yinxieling capsule and transfer factor orally. Apply darex cream on the outside. Pay attention to eat less pepper, beef and mutton, not to drink. Eat more fruits and vegetables and milk. Don’t stay up late. Usually pay more attention to rest, do not over stay up late, tired, nervous anxiety. Pay attention to exercise more, improve the body’s immune function. , psoriasis is what we call psoriasis. The cause of the disease is complex and the treatment on the head is troublesome. Because the external ointment is inconvenient, you can use pityron aerosol twice a day. This effect is better, psoriasis is more stubborn, not easy to cure. Generally, the effect of Chinese herbal medicine is better, but it needs to be taken continuously for three to six months. At the same time, pay attention to the daily diet. Keep skin clean, strengthen sports and build up body. Avoid spicy and stimulating food, seafood, light food and fresh fruits and vegetables. No drinking. , psoriasis is generally not easy to cure, but symptomatic drugs can control the development of the disease. Traditional Chinese medicine can be treated with compound Qingdai pill, external boric acid ointment and urea cream ointment. In addition, we should pay attention to light diet at ordinary times, avoid spicy and irritant food, seafood and other food, avoid washing the skin with soap irritant things, and avoid aggravating the disease by stimulating the skin. The disease belongs to chronic skin disease, so we should know it correctly, choose medicine carefully, not rush for success. We should have a good mentality. We should strengthen exercise and improve the autoimmune function at ordinary times. We can adopt the comprehensive prevention and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, so as to effectively reduce and reduce the recurrence rate