What do psoriasis need to pay attention to in living habits, eating and drinking

By | December 11, 2019

Psoriasis has been used for a long time, and many drugs are not good. What’s the reason? How to do it well at ordinary times? Is there anything that needs attention in life habits, eating and drinking? Can psoriasis be answered? What are the habits of life, eating and drinking of psoriasis patients that need attention? The diet of psoriasis patients should be light, avoid spicy products, avoid sensitive and stimulating foods, Such as fish and shrimp, strong tea, coffee, wine, etc. It is recommended to go to a regular hospital. Patients should not avoid eating too much, because the skin lesions of psoriasis patients will lose a lot of nutrition, if not supplemented in time, it will cause anemia, malnutrition, weakness and fatigue, and other consequences, so in addition to spicy stimulating food and seafood, other things can be eaten, especially vegetables and fruits. , have psoriasis on the body, not serious, do you need to pay attention to what you eat at ordinary times? What does psoriasis need to pay attention to in diet? Problem analysis: different types, types, stages and clinical manifestations of psoriasis treatment are different due to human factors, so we should correctly master the classification and make appropriate plans. As long as we insist on treatment and cooperate with doctors, patients can see the corresponding clinical treatment effect. It is suggested to treat in time and recover health as soon as possible! It is suggested to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, more legumes, more grains, and take care not to bathe frequently, and the water temperature should not be too high, so as to avoid further aggravation of symptoms. It’s unfortunate that I got the disease of bryophyte. For several years, this disease has been called psoriasis in medicine. It’s been treated. But there was no cure. Now we have no choice but to insist. Just want to pay more attention. Psoriasis, also known as psoriasis, is characterized by erythema, scales and pruritus in the trunk and limbs. At present, the disease mainly needs to pay attention to several aspects: to avoid spicy stimulation of diet, to avoid staying up too late, to avoid excessive mental tension and anxiety, to avoid cold and damp. In terms of diet, such as beef, mutton and seafood, you can eat a small amount of food alone, such as increased redness and itching of skin after eating, so as to avoid eating again. If there is no obvious discomfort, you can continue to eat. Psoriasis is a chronic recurrent skin disease. At present, there are many treatment methods. It is recommended that regular hospitals should standardize the treatment, mainly eat light diet, try to eat less spicy, beef, mutton, seafood, etc., do not stay up late, and do not have great mental pressure. The diet of psoriasis patients is directly related to the prevention and prevention of recurrence. Usually, it is forbidden to smell spicy, seafood, beef and sheep Meat and other meat food, diet should be light mainly, pay attention to the combination of thickness and fineness, in normal times, you can also take some vitamin C for anti skin oxidation supplement, such as meat more greasy to eat less, you can eat some pork to increase muscle resistance. , this is to pay attention to the skin symptoms. For the time being, we should pay attention to the timely rest and maintenance, and the diet is light. You can basically try to eliminate the silver tablet in time, and it will improve. Don’t worry, and basically continue to maintain. Patients with psoriasis can’t eat spicy and stimulating food or seafood. They must stop drinking and quit smoking. They can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, especially green leafy vegetables. They should eat more legumes and grains. Psoriasis is a common chronic inflammatory skin disease, characterized by erythema, silver filings and pruritus. It has a long course of disease and is prone to relapse. Pay attention to avoid eating, do not eat spicy and stimulating food, do not drink, avoid seafood, eat less greasy and light food, and eat more vitamin rich food, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. When cleaning the affected part, gently rub it and do not forcibly peel it Dandruff, in order to avoid local infection such as redness and swelling to prolong the course of disease, I wish you health! Appropriate rest and exercise to improve your stamina and resistance, such as Taijiquan exercise, Qigong therapy, etc. Develop a good eating habit of not drinking, not smoking, not eating spicy food and mutton, seafood and other products. Clear the focus and treat the infection wound and inflammation, especially the pyogenic and swelling of tonsil. Often take folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B12 and other drugs. Every time before the good hair season, taking Chinese medicine properly can effectively avoid or reduce the recurrence of psoriasis. In cold season, patients should often have sunbathing. In life and diet, we should pay attention to improving immunity, living rules, eating rules and exercising properly. It’s also very important to keep optimistic mood. Pessimism, anger and other bad mood are important inducements for recurrence of psoriasis. We should pay attention to diet, spicy food, seafood and remember that tobacco and alcohol must be stopped. Patients with psoriasis should not eat spicy and irritant food (raw onion, ginger, raw garlic, pepper, wine, seafood, beef and mutton, etc.) no matter they are treated or not. Starting from the source of the persistent skin disease of psoriasis, while removing the blood poison, the internal organs, the source of the blood poison, are deeply detoxified and treated to regulate the function of the internal organs and fast spicy and irritant food; the food with fishy hair and allergy is less to eat as much as possible; the self resistance is enhanced to prevent the cold, so as to avoid the aggravation or recurrence of the disease; the affected parts should not be scratched by hands and washed with hot water as much as possible, The treatment time of psoriasis is relatively long. At present, most of the drugs used in the treatment of psoriasis are immunosuppressants, which have adverse effects on the normal immune function. If blindly used for a long time, the resistance of patients with psoriasis will be low, seriously affecting the treatment.