How to let children psoriasis cure as soon as possible?

By | December 11, 2019

My child just went to primary school this year, but found a rash on his neck. He went to the hospital and said it was psoriasis, which shocked me. Why does such a small child get psoriasis? How to let children psoriasis cure as soon as possible?. The child just went to primary school this year, but found a rash on his neck. The doctor in the hospital said it was psoriasis. During the period of children suffering from psoriasis, we should pay attention to adjusting the diet structure, and eat more high protein, high vitamin and low fat food. Parents should not allow children’s requirements due to their doting. They should avoid spicy and irritant food, beef, mutton, seafood and other hair products, and take more ginseng Add outdoor sports, do not use hormone type ointment, hope it can help you, can children’s psoriasis be cured? Time of onset: after the last three months of illness, it should be cold and warm, avoid upper respiratory tract infection, if it is found that children’s secondary infection or aggravation, it should be timely to the hospital, find and remove the inducing factors, and give timely and effective If necessary, adjust the treatment plan to prevent the aggravation of psoriasis. Children suffering from psoriasis should pay attention to adjust the diet structure, eat more high protein, high vitamin, low-fat food, parents should not be indulged and casually agree to the requirements of children with psoriasis, to prevent recurrence of psoriasis. We should take good care of them, check and urge them to take medicine every day, and help them to apply external medicine. , the child got psoriasis, now very anxious, don’t know how to do, is the child psoriasis good to treat? Is there any good method, can you recommend it? According to your situation description, psoriasis is a chronic dermatitis injury disease, which is related to the low immunity of the body. It is suggested that you use carbotriol cream and retinoic acid cream alternately to smear the affected area. Under the condition of oral immune preparation, pay attention to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and high protein food. According to the medical history analysis provided by you, there is a piece of skin on the neck of the child. It is diagnosed as psoriasis in the hospital. Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease. The cause of the disease is not clear. It is difficult to treat and easy to relapse because you are only a limited skin lesion. You can use carbotrianol ointment locally for treatment. You can cure it if you insist on external use. The treatment of children’s psoriasis is a very slow process. Children’s psoriasis patients should not be too anxious in the treatment of the disease. They should be prepared for long-term treatment. Only patiently cure the psoriasis disease thoroughly can reduce the possibility of disease recurrence. Therefore, children’s psoriasis patients must pay attention to perseverance and patience in the process of disease cure If you are in Tianjin, you are recommended to go to Tianjin Xiangyun Jingcheng Dermatology Hospital. Tianjin Xiangyun Jingcheng Dermatology Hospital is not only the chain Hospital of Beijing Jingcheng Dermatology Hospital, but also has advanced treatment methods for psoriasis. If you have other problems, you can call our hospital, 022-58286666 for consultation. The characteristics of children’s psoriasis patients at the time of onset are: in psoriasis In the early stage of tinea, there will be pimples and erythema of different sizes on the damaged skin of the patient, with silvery white scales on the surface, and clear borders. The prone parts of children’s psoriasis are the scalp, limbs and back. Experts emphasized that psoriasis is not only a skin disease, but also a systemic disease. Because the physical and mental development of children’s patients is not complete, they need to take in a large number of camps every day Nutrients should not be partial when eating at ordinary times. For the treatment of children’s psoriasis patients, treatment methods should be selected according to different types of psoriasis. Can children’s psoriasis be cured? According to relevant research, the pathogenesis of psoriasis is the result of the interaction of susceptible genes and neural endocrinic immune network intermediary mechanism. When there are only susceptible genes in the patient’s body It does not necessarily cause disease. Only when the intermediary mechanism of neuroendocrine immune network is out of balance and the protective effect of the barrier is lost, can psoriasis be induced by various inducements. Psoriasis is a stubborn skin disease. It is better not to use external medicine for treatment. Although it is good and fast, it is easy to relapse, and it will aggravate the disease if it is serious. It is suggested to make treatment according to the characteristics of the disease Although the time may be a little longer, the curative effect is accurate and not easy to recur. There are many inducing factors for psoriasis. In the treatment of psoriasis, first of all, we need to check the predisposing factors of psoriasis to treat the disease. If we use the medicine blindly, it may not have any effect or cause allergy and other symptoms. In this way, not only the condition of psoriasis can not be controlled, but also the best time for treatment will be delayed, and even the disease will continue to spread, We must be careful in the treatment of psoriasis. It’s very important to choose a regular hospital for treatment. At the same time, we also need patients to take this disease seriously and actively cooperate with doctors for treatment. Children’s problems are very sensitive. It’s better to go to a specialized hospital of psoriasis to make an instrument to check and understand the situation before treatment. Don’t treat blindly. It has a great impact on children’s healthy growth. Children are now Age and small, only wait until the child is 3 years old to carry out treatment, if the child’s condition is severe, go to the regular hospital for a detailed examination, then find out the specific cause of the disease, let the experts think of a way for the child, by the experts to develop a suitable treatment plan, do not go to the doctor indiscriminately, no matter which hospital you choose to treat, you must choose a regular hospital, so as to achieve the cure Effect: do not use medicine blindly when treating. Do use medicine with the correct knowledge of the doctor and keep a positive and optimistic attitude. Patients with psoriasis can live like healthy people without treating themselves as patients who are very different from healthy people. If the patients have such a mental state, it is beneficial to the recovery of the disease. Pay attention to the combination of work and rest and keep a good spirit The state is very important. As we all know, a good mental state is the main factor to maintain health. For psoriasis, a positive, optimistic and cheerful mental state is conducive to the recovery of the disease. On the contrary, when the spirit is stimulated and the mood is over tense or anxious, it can often lead to the occurrence or aggravation of psoriasis. Children’s problems are very sensitive. It’s better to make a special hospital for psoriasis After the instrument is diagnosed and understood, it can be treated. Don’t treat blindly. The effect on the healthy growth of the child is very big. The child is now young and old. Only when the child is 3 years old can it be treated. If the child’s condition is severe, go to the regular hospital for a detailed inspection, then find out the specific causes of the disease, let the experts think of ways for the child, and then the experts will formulate the appropriate treatment plan, No matter which hospital you choose for treatment, you must choose a regular hospital, so as to achieve the curative effect. Do not blindly use drugs in the treatment, and do not use drugs with the correct knowledge of the doctor. As long as the correct treatment of children’s psoriasis is correct, it can also recover well. This disease is one of chronic stubborn skin diseases, and the treatment is difficult, but as long as the correct understanding, Rational use of drugs can still achieve relatively ideal long-term results. I suggest that we should avoid blind pursuit of success in drug use, and avoid being anxious, especially for friends who have not had a long time of first onset and illness. We should be careful in drug selection, avoid looking at advertisements, high-tech products, biological products, latest scientific research results, genetic products, free drug gifts, etc., and be careful. If we use drugs improperly, it will lead to In the future, there will be endless troubles, repeated attacks and money consumption, which may also affect the overall health. In my opinion, on the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen exercise, eat light food, increase nutrition, improve the function of autoimmune resistance, and fundamentally prevent and control it. On the other hand, it is necessary to use Chinese medicine to regulate and treat the disease properly and use some external drugs, so as to effectively control the disease, reduce and reduce the recurrence rate The long-term curative effect of oral administration is good. It can be understood that the diet does not need to be deliberately taboo. There is no specific method. You can take retinoic acid drugs such as Avia or viaminate capsule, external use of retinoic acid ointment and tacrolimus ointment. In principle, the disease is generally not treated with hormone, otherwise it may be temporarily relieved, but it may be more serious after recurrence. It can also be treated with drugs At the same time, go to the hospital for ultraviolet treatment, which may be more effective,