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What kind of vitamin is hair loss lack?

In recent two days, I always lose my hair frequently. I don’t know what is the cause. Sometimes, my classmates will tell me that it may be due to deficiency of Qi and blood, but I suspect that the body lacks vitamins. What kind of vitamins does hair loss lack? There are many reasons for… Read More »

Can garlic cure hair loss?

I heard that garlic has many effects, not only as a condiment, it has a strong sterilization effect, very beneficial to the human body, I have lost hair for two years, even in the normal treatment, the effect is not very good; garlic can treat hair loss? If you have identified the cause of hair… Read More »

Is it useful to treat alopecia on Taobao?

Recently, the pressure is relatively high, sleep at night is not good, the top of the head is less and less, want to buy hair loss treatment products on Taobao, see its effect is good, Taobao treatment hair loss useful? Hair loss, Taobao treatment hair loss products are more, the effect is uneven, can not… Read More »

Spironolactone is good for anti hair loss lotion.

I started losing hair in an abnormal way, and then I became more and more powerful. My work pressure was high and my hair grew more and more. Spironolactone is good for anti hair loss lotion. What’s the effect of it? Spironolactone is the most commonly used drug in the market. Its effect is also… Read More »

Hair loss, shampoo yesterday, dandruff today

Hair loss on the head, shampoo yesterday and today a pile of dandruff, 13 years old on a white hair, forehead has a regular diet, do not eat cold spicy, do not stay up late, keep stool smooth. Use shampoo containing ginger. Usually eat more black food, drinks with mulberry dried water. Exercise outdoors to… Read More »

What medicine is good for hair loss in one year after delivery?

My hair was good before, but since I gave birth to a child, it has been worse than a day, and now the child has been a week. Is there any good medicine to treat hair loss? Hair loss has something to do with tiredness, restlessness, nervousness, lack of trace elements and partial diet. The… Read More »

Do abnormal sex hormones cause hair loss?

He said that alopecia is also related to his abnormal sex hormones. Will abnormal sex hormones cause alopecia? According to your question, abnormal sex hormones can lead to alopecia, which is usually caused by excessive androgen secretion. Pay attention to more physical and mental relaxation, pay attention to more rest, do not stay up late,… Read More »

Can Cycloprogesterone Acetate Treat Hair Loss?

There are some symptoms of hair loss, and more serious, a large number of hair, a comb will find that the ground is full of hair, very greasy, the use of Cycloprogesterone Acetate hair loss can be treated with Cycloprogesterone Acetate Tool, there are treatment of women’s androgen-dependent baldness caused by severe hair loss, the… Read More »

What about hair loss and dandruff?

From childhood to adulthood, I don’t know the worry of dandruff. In May of 2009, I dyed my hair once. Since then, I have dandruff. I don’t know why? Now I start to lose my hair again. It’s very torturing! What to do? Dandruff needs diet and medication, so that it can have a good… Read More »

Does Seven Star Needle Treat Hair Loss?

How about the effect of seven-star needle treatment for alopecia? Can you buy your own equipment to use it? Hair loss begins at the age of 30. I’m afraid that I will continue to be bald. It needs to be flushed or slightly bleeding with seven-star needle. It’s very effective for alopecia areata. It may… Read More »