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Itchy, greasy scalp with dandruff and hair loss

The scalp is itchy, greasy, with dandruff and hair loss. It’s not good for sleeping and dreaming. Now it’s not so bad. But the scalp oil, the hair that has been lost, is not long. I’m glad to answer the questions for you. Pay attention to cleaning your hair every day. No spicy food. Wash… Read More »

Hair is dry and oily without washing for three or four days.

Hair three or four days without washing is also dry and oily, dandruff powder, hair loss more with what shampoo is better? Need to use anti-dandruff type? How to treat hair loss? If you have scalp itching in this case, consider that it is caused by tinea capitis. Be careful not to scratch the scalp.… Read More »

Usually, dandruff and hair always turn around.

Usually, dandruff and hair are always turned around. In this case, if you always lose your hair and have dandruff, you’d better go to the dermatology department of the hospital to check to see if there is any tinea scalp. After diagnosis and treatment, you should eat light food these days, not eat spicy and… Read More »

Hair loss, shampoo yesterday, dandruff today

Hair loss on the head, shampoo yesterday and today a pile of dandruff, 13 years old on a white hair, forehead has a regular diet, do not eat cold spicy, do not stay up late, keep stool smooth. Use shampoo containing ginger. Usually eat more black food, drinks with mulberry dried water. Exercise outdoors to… Read More »

What about hair loss and dandruff?

From childhood to adulthood, I don’t know the worry of dandruff. In May of 2009, I dyed my hair once. Since then, I have dandruff. I don’t know why? Now I start to lose my hair again. It’s very torturing! What to do? Dandruff needs diet and medication, so that it can have a good… Read More »

The scalp is itchy, dandruff is plentiful, and dandruff is relatively large.

Scalp itching, a lot of dandruff, dandruff is relatively large, hair wash once every two days, how to wash dandruff can not be washed off according to the situation you described, do not rule out because of occupational dermatitis leading to your current symptoms. At present, you may consider topical use of dermatinping or medicinal… Read More »

Hair drops so badly that it’s oily.

Hair drops badly, with a lot of oil, but no dandruff, often itchy, will buckle down small crystals, very worried about taking off many roots every day, in this case, the human body drops 70 to 100 hair every day is normal. Suggestion: At ordinary times, we should pay attention to cleaning our hair in… Read More »

There’s a lot of dandruff, itchy scalp, reddish scalp, greasy hair.

There are a large amount of dandruff, itchy scalp, reddish scalp, greasy hair from the situation you described, analysis; for a large amount of dandruff, the scalp is very itchy, scalp reddish, greasy hair, one is due to fungal infection, you can choose Kangwang lotion; the other is due to adverse blood fever, at this… Read More »

Hair is often greasy, and there is a large amount of dandruff attached to the scalp, often hair loss.

Hair is often greasy, there will be a large amount of dandruff attached to the scalp, often hair loss according to the medical history you provide, consider a seborrheic hair loss, suggest you need to pay attention to rest, keep local skin clean, do not stay up late, and can use oil shampoo shampoo shampoo,… Read More »

16 years old, bad hair, dandruff

Sixteen years old, with bad hair, dandruff and a dirty beard. What’s the reason why the whole face looks so unnatural? According to your situation and problems, you feel bad on your head and face, and you don’t look energetic enough. Suggestions can be cut short hair, shampoo every day, shave clean, clean facial skin,… Read More »