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Is there psoriasis on your face that you can apply skin care products?

The psoriasis on the body has been cured, only a little on the face, can you wipe a little skin care products ah face psoriasis can be applied skin care products can you wipe a little moisturizing. Psoriasis is also known as psoriasis. The etiology of psoriasis is complex and generally related to genetic factors,… Read More »

It’s itchy. Did you get psoriasis?

A month ago, something red grew on my wrist, and it only occasionally itched because I was too busy to care about it. But lately, the area of red is getting larger and larger, and there are also itches on my body. My friend said that I might have psoriasis. Really? It’s itchy. Did you… Read More »

How to use psoriasis when you get psoriasis

I usually pay more attention to hygiene, and I never thought about it at all. At the beginning, there was only a small lump on the arm, which was a little itchy. After a few days, it was found that the area was getting bigger and bigger, and there was back on the leg. Go… Read More »

How to treat psoriasis?

Inspected psoriasis in the hospital, the examination said that they can not cure the disease, then how to treat the disease? How to treat psoriasis? The cause of psoriasis is very complicated. Everyone’s condition is different. The patients should go to the regular hospital for examination and treatment, find out the cause of psoriasis, then… Read More »

How to treat acute dripping psoriasis

Psoriasis, after a period of treatment, can be due to respiratory tract infection in June, psoriasis recurrence, took a period of medicine, the red spots basically flattened, but red spots around a thin layer of skin, do not know whether the symptoms of peeling is getting better or worse. How to treat psoriasis with acute… Read More »

Are you cured of psoriasis now?

Has been suffering from psoriasis for 28 years, all parts of the body have, but not too serious, have visited many places to see no obvious effect, now psoriasis you cure it? Are you cured of psoriasis now? Psoriasis should be treated by its own method. When psoriasis recurs, don’t use drugs blindly and use… Read More »

I’ve had psoriasis under my arm for nearly five years.

Almost five years, repeated, this year is serious, now has a purulent, I am very painful, there is no good way. I got psoriasis under my armpit. For nearly five years, traditional Chinese medicine believed that psoriasis was mostly caused by wind invasion, blood dryness and wind, blood heat and toxicity, and skin loss. It… Read More »