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Hair and pubic hair are yellow.

Hair and pubic hair are yellow, how to treat, before or very few, now more, and yellow, hair is a kind of appendage on the body’s skin surface, the color of hair is generally black-brown according to the situation you described, such a situation may be caused by the reduction of melanin synthesis in the… Read More »

Does carelessly getting kerosene on your hair cause hair loss and carelessly getting kerosene to the end?

Would it lead to hair loss if you accidentally get kerosene on your hair? According to your description, this situation generally does not cause hair loss. At ordinary times, pay attention to diet and living habits as much as possible. Don’t stay up late, keep optimistic and eat more fruits, vegetables and vitamins. According to… Read More »

Will scalp lose its hair when scalded by a hair dryer?

When I was in high school, I loved beauty and had a long hair. I once burned my scalp carelessly after washing my hair. Would this cause hair loss? Hair dryer scald is not serious and will not cause hair loss. Please rest assured that we should pay more attention to the maintenance of scalp,… Read More »

There was sweat in the hair, no sweat in the face, etc.

Hair inside sweating, face and other did not flow, just yesterday, today is also, sweat is mostly from the inside of the hair, is it a disease? Or scalp problems have skin hair, hair follicles, sweating is normal, this is not pathological, now the weather temperature is high, sweating is normal, that is, some sweating… Read More »

Yesterday, the bleaching hair was burnt by the dye paste, and then the next day it got coffee. Can you play with water?

Yesterday, the bleaching hair was burnt by the dye cream, and then the next day it got coffee. Can you play with water if your skin and mucosa were burned by the dye cream during the process of re-dyeing? The next day there was scab formation. It’s impossible to touch the water immediately. If you… Read More »

I stay up late every day and lose my hair every day.

I stay up late every day, and then lose my hair every day. I used to have a lot of hair. Now when I touch my hair, I feel only a little thick. If I go down like this, will I be bald? Girls, is there any way to wonder if you need to stay… Read More »

The hair feels like the whirlpool is not too dense

The whirlpool hair is not too dense. Our hairline and the part of the whirlpool hair are relatively sparse, which belong to normal physiological phenomena. If you have a whirlpool of hair. There is no need to worry about sparse hair, which is not caused by alopecia. It’s a pleasure to serve you. According to… Read More »

I dyed my hair in a hair dye shop before.

I dyed my hair in a hair dyer’s shop before. Because the Dyer accidentally dyed it on my scalp and then wiped it off with water or something, but now I find that the scalp is white and the lines of the scalp are gone. How should this be treated? According to your description, local… Read More »

Too little hair, too small, no disease.

Hair is too small, still small, no disease, do not know why, can you give me an answer? At present, your situation is generally caused by blood deficiency. It is suggested that you can drink some Chinese medicine for treatment. At ordinary times, you should pay attention to light diet. If appropriate, you can drink… Read More »

Dye your hair, but for the first time

I dyed my hair for the first time, and it was black. When I finished dyeing, I found only a little color. I also got the hair dye on my clothes and hands. What should I do? Half of the hair dyes are still there. If I want to continue dyeing, I’m afraid they will… Read More »