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One month ago, I don’t know why I started losing my hair.

One month ago, I didn’t know why I started to lose my hair. At first, I didn’t notice it. Later, I found that my bed was full of hair. If I moved my hair a little, I could lose a lot of it. According to the situation you described, the reason of losing my hair… Read More »

How to massage hair loss scalp red and painful?

Always suffered from the problem of hair loss, each time shampoo is a handful of off, look uncomfortable, and the scalp will be red, with a bit of tingling, hair loss scalp red very painful how to massage better? The scalp red and painful situation should be the symptoms of scalp inflammation, preferably not through… Read More »

Will scalp lose its hair when scalded by a hair dryer?

When I was in high school, I loved beauty and had a long hair. I once burned my scalp carelessly after washing my hair. Would this cause hair loss? Hair dryer scald is not serious and will not cause hair loss. Please rest assured that we should pay more attention to the maintenance of scalp,… Read More »

How to slow down hair loss?

Recently, work pressure is relatively high, usually overtime is also very late, when you get up, you will always find a lot of hair in the pillow place, look at all distracted, like me how can you slow hair loss? According to your situation, I suggest you need to supplement nutrition, at ordinary times, to… Read More »

What essential oil is the most suitable for hair loss?

Recent hair-shampooing inventions have increased dramatically. After shampooing, the basin is full of hair. I think the essential oil can be used to treat hair loss. Which kind of essential oil is better? Essential oil is extracted from flowers, leaves, stems, roots or fruits of plants. Because the essential oil is volatile and fat-soluble, it… Read More »

Hair loss is serious. It’s going bald in less than three years.

Hair loss is serious, less than three years are almost bald on the top of the head, their own use: Polygonum multiflorum, Platycladus orientalis leaves, sesame, angelica, Coix seed, ginseng, Ligustrum lucidum, boil medicine to drink, or soak liquor rub, or boil to shampoo… Hair, anti-stripping, effective? If less than 120 hair loss per day… Read More »

Seborrheic alopecia has been severe in recent months.

Seborrheic alopecia is very severe in recent months. More than 150 hairs are lost every day. The blood routine and trace elements in the hospital have been checked. No problem. It is said that seborrheic alopecia. How to treat it? There is seborrheic alopecia. No hair loss is around 150. Vaccination situation, it is recommended… Read More »

Oil is coming out all the time after the flow of people, and hair loss is serious.

After the flow of oil has been on the head, and hair loss is serious, what’s wrong, please tell me thank you very much for the first lack of gas and blood situation. Secondly, the situation caused by the exuberant secretion of sebaceous glands. Don’t stay up late. Next is to find the pulse conditioning… Read More »

Seven weeks pregnant, hair loss has been severe since pregnancy

Pregnancy 7 weeks, since pregnancy has been a serious hair loss, what is the cause? What is the way to treat it? Consideration is due to abnormal hormone secretion, which is the main reason. Secondly, it may also be caused by insufficiency of Qi and blood. It is recommended to rest at 10 p.m. and… Read More »

After a year of severe hair loss, there is a noticeable decrease in hair.

Severe hair loss for one year, now hair significantly less, blood tests, thyroid, scalp tubular hair, scalp itching, how to do? Judging from what you said. This may be lipoid alopecia. Maybe it’s related to the heavy dampness in your body. In this case, you’d better go to see Chinese medicine and use Chinese medicine… Read More »