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Does carelessly getting kerosene on your hair cause hair loss and carelessly getting kerosene to the end?

Would it lead to hair loss if you accidentally get kerosene on your hair? According to your description, this situation generally does not cause hair loss. At ordinary times, pay attention to diet and living habits as much as possible. Don’t stay up late, keep optimistic and eat more fruits, vegetables and vitamins. According to… Read More »

Seborrheic dermatitis, especially recent hair loss

Seborrheic dermatitis, recently hair loss is particularly fierce, a shampoo can drop a lot, I am worried about baldness, hair can regenerate? Look at your description, seborrheic alopecia is caused by the exuberant secretion of oil, observe. Usually can not eat spicy stimulating food, can be oral Chinese patent medicine in addition to Zhishengfa Tablet… Read More »

Why does hair fall off easily?

Why is hair easy to lose, as long as you use a little force when rubbing, anyway, as long as you use a little force, then there is hair on your hand according to your situation description, hair is easy to fall off, as long as you use a little force when rubbing, preliminary consideration… Read More »

Is there a good cure for sparse hair, itchy hair?

Is there a good way to cure the itching and sparse hair? It’s not oily or itchy. It’s usually washed in a few days. Ordinary diet should be light, eat less spicy stimulating food, do not stay up late, you can buy some gluten tablets and cystine tablets from the pharmacy. Seborrheic dermatitis is a… Read More »

What’s the white stuff on the roots when the hair falls off?

What is white stuff on the roots when the hair falls? Most of the hair falls off with white stuff on the roots. What’s the reason why the roots of hair turn milky white like lack of nutrition? Dandruff and itchy scalp bar, from the description alone can not make a clear judgment, such as… Read More »

Severe hair loss, no hair loss at the root

The hair is severely broken, the root of the hair is not alopecia, are broken hair, hair is very thin and soft, but more than normal people, hair color black, how to judge what happened to the hair, I usually do not stay up late and do not smoke to follow up your situation, consider… Read More »

Is it hereditary that there is less hair, and does shampooing with Platycladus orientalis have germinating effect?

Is there less hereditary hair, the use of Platycladus orientalis shampoo has hair effect? According to the situation you described, the effect of less use of Platycladus orientalis shampoo hereditary hair should not be obvious. It is suggested that you can use it together with mulberry leaves, Polygonum multiflorum, black sesame, black soybean and so… Read More »

Facial oil, skin loss, hair loss, cold limbs all year round, what’s the problem?

Facial oiliness, frequent skin loss, hair loss, perennial cold limbs, where the problem of seborrheic dermatitis, seborrheic alopecia, Kidney Yang deficiency, hypotension caused by your poor physique, it is recommended that you go to the Chinese medicine department to look at the pulse, you can take Jinkui Shenqi pill orally, nourishing hair pills treatment, avoid… Read More »

Hair is oily and bald.

Hair is oily, hair loss, hair loss for several years. The skin is getting darker and darker. What is the reason? This may be seborrheic dermatitis, mostly caused by staying up late, irregular diet and too much work pressure. Oral vitamin B2, B6, compound vitamin B tablets. Kangwang Shampoo for External Use. Maintain the regularity… Read More »

A lot of hair loss, broken hair, very oily hair

A lot of hair loss, broken hair, hair is very oily, more than a year said that serious point more than a year when the hair is about half of the first thing is to remember 10 p.m. rest. Then remember that Spicy Seafood stimulates food greasy food not to eat. Then it’s the second… Read More »