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My hair is bald due to dermatitis

I have hair baldness caused by dermatocystitis for several years. Check that Kangwang Shampoo can be used to shampoo, by the way, I opened a compound polymyxin B ointment to wipe the scalp. Does this work? I used 2 weeks to feel the effect is not very obvious according to your body suffering from head… Read More »

Hair falls off more severely, including hair.

Hair drop on the body is more severe, including hair, which lasts for nearly a year. Usually, work pressure often stays up late, and there is masturbation. First, you can’t masturbate, rest at 10 p.m., then adjust your mind, don’t have too much mental pressure. Then remember to eat more black sesame, black beans and… Read More »

The hair on the top of the head is greasy, soft and sparse.

Hair on the top of the head is greasy, thin and sparse. I have kidney deficiency problems. I don’t know if it has anything to do with it. How to deal with kidney deficiency will lead to hair loss. Human vitality originates from the kidney, which is derived from the essence of the kidney. Qi… Read More »

Hair dyed, easy to lose hair, can you soften it?

Hair dyed, easy to lose hair, can you soften it? Soften your hair, will it be drier after softening? Can it be softened? If your hair is dry, it generally belongs to blood deficiency. In normal times, you can pay attention to eating more food to Nourish Qi and blood. Don’t stay up late at… Read More »

Hair is not like other people’s hair.

Hair, unlike other people’s hair, can be cut and curtained, sleep every day, the hair is disorderly, with a lid like others. What can we do to keep our hair from deforming? According to your request. First, lay a silk scarf on the pillow when you sleep at night. The silk scarf is smooth and… Read More »

Hair is naturally sparse and does not lose its hair.

Hair is naturally scarce and does not lose its hair. Is there any way to become dense? Ask the Master to point out that Maze is born with scarce hair. If it is cured, it should be slower, because it is a congenital disease after all, and the reversal of the acquired treatment is very… Read More »

It’s been a long time since my hair was thick and heavy.

It’s been a long time since my hair was thick and heavy. Very uncomfortable, especially in hot weather. Is there any way? According to your description above, hair growth is related to genetic factors and personal differences. If more hair follicles and more hair follicles do not grow, it will result in dense hair growth.… Read More »

Hair withered and branched, then sparse

Hair is dry and bifurcated, then sparse, in order to grow faster, sometimes some hair will fall off. If the hair is dry and bifurcated, it is usually caused by malnutrition of the hair. Maintain adequate rest, River nutrition and proper physical exercise, try not to dye hair perm, such a situation can generally be… Read More »

Hair sparse and soft, love to shave off hair after shaving will be good for hair growth?

Hair sparse and soft, love to shave hair after shaving will be good for hair growth? Hello, your situation may be due to blood deficiency caused by the usual attention can be paid to diet as far as possible do not eat spicy food greasy food to maintain optimistic mood wishing you health, you can… Read More »

Female, 50 years old, severe hair loss, soft and oily hair

Female, 50 years old, hair loss is serious, hair soft, delicate and greasy, eyebrows also fall very seriously, how should be treated? In your case, hair loss should be related to mental factors, greasy hair, etc. It is suggested that we should relax our mood, regularity of life, light diet, avoid spicy and greasy food,… Read More »