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Thin hair on the head but no hair loss?

The hair on the top of my head is too little. It looks thin. But I haven’t lost my hair. Now how can I treat it? The hair on the top of my head is very thin, but what’s the reason why I haven’t lost my hair? If there’s a rare hair, we must consider… Read More »

Hair becomes soft, thin and baldness, how to return a responsibility?

Hair becomes soft, thin and hair loss, what’s the matter? Hair becomes soft and thin, and often drag and drop, it may be seborrheic hair loss, or it may be caused by sub-health. You should go to the dermatology department to check the cause of hair loss, and then take effective drugs for treatment. In… Read More »

Does losing no more than five hair a day count as hair loss?

Does losing no more than five hair a day count as hair loss? Hair volume is low, and when you lift it with your hand, you can clearly see that the scalp hair is very sparse one by one. There is a history of masturbation, which is normal and does not belong to hair loss,… Read More »

Oily crown, itchy scalp, hair loss, sweating forehead, always urinating

The top of the head is oily, itchy scalp, hair loss, sweating on the forehead, how long has it been urinating? Consider seborrheic dermatitis. It has a lot to do with physical and mental stress. Cetirizine Hydrochloride Tablets and Yangxue Shengfa Capsules can be taken orally. Selenium disulfide lotion for external use. In addition, avoid… Read More »

Does carelessly getting kerosene on your hair cause hair loss and carelessly getting kerosene to the end?

Would it lead to hair loss if you accidentally get kerosene on your hair? According to your description, this situation generally does not cause hair loss. At ordinary times, pay attention to diet and living habits as much as possible. Don’t stay up late, keep optimistic and eat more fruits, vegetables and vitamins. According to… Read More »

Recently, I always lose my hair, more than 30 at a time.

Recently, I always lose my hair. I lost more than 30 roots at a time. For two months, I’ve been under great pressure at work. I work overtime every day. I don’t sleep well in the past two months. Glad to answer for you! Your situation is related to high stress and poor sleep. It… Read More »

Is there a good cure for sparse hair, itchy hair?

Is there a good way to cure the itching and sparse hair? It’s not oily or itchy. It’s usually washed in a few days. Ordinary diet should be light, eat less spicy stimulating food, do not stay up late, you can buy some gluten tablets and cystine tablets from the pharmacy. Seborrheic dermatitis is a… Read More »

How to dry your hair when it’s sparse and greasy?

How to dry your hair? Consider seborrheic dermatitis, which is caused by body dampness and heat. It is suggested that the compound ketoconazole shampoo should be used for shampoo and Shenling Baizhu pill should be taken orally for overall body conditioning. How to solve the problem of scarce hair, alopecia and greasy hair? What can… Read More »

Facial oil, skin loss, hair loss, cold limbs all year round, what’s the problem?

Facial oiliness, frequent skin loss, hair loss, perennial cold limbs, where the problem of seborrheic dermatitis, seborrheic alopecia, Kidney Yang deficiency, hypotension caused by your poor physique, it is recommended that you go to the Chinese medicine department to look at the pulse, you can take Jinkui Shenqi pill orally, nourishing hair pills treatment, avoid… Read More »

No hair on the head, no hair at all. How to make and treat it is alopecia areata.

There is no hair on the head. How to make it? It is said that alopecia areata is caused by many factors, such as heredity, autoimmunity, mental factors, illness, poor rest and so on. Suggestions: Oral cystine, calcium pantothenate, regular massage with the palm, combing with wood, to promote scalp blood circulation, promote hair metabolism,… Read More »