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How to massage hair loss scalp red and painful?

Always suffered from the problem of hair loss, each time shampoo is a handful of off, look uncomfortable, and the scalp will be red, with a bit of tingling, hair loss scalp red very painful how to massage better? The scalp red and painful situation should be the symptoms of scalp inflammation, preferably not through… Read More »

It feels like the halo of anemia.

It feels like a kind of anemia dizziness. If you lie down on the bed and squat on the ground, you will feel dizzy and have dark eyes. His lips were white and his face was white and bloodless. And hair loss is more serious, stool is not good. I checked the blood routine this… Read More »

When you comb your hair, you lose it one by one.

When you comb your hair, it will drop a lot of hair one by one. What’s the reason? This situation is the manifestation of insufficient kidney qi and weak physique. It is suggested that you take nourishing hair tablets orally and do trace element examination to see if there is a lack of trace elements… Read More »

Slump, weakness, memory loss

All sleepy, weak, memory loss, hair loss, sleep too bad, often dream, spermatorrhea, powerless. According to the symptoms described by you, it can be preliminarily diagnosed as kidney essence deficiency, heart and kidney failure, there will be lumbar and knee weakness, general fatigue, mental fatigue, insomnia and dreaminess, hair loss, sperm loss and so on.… Read More »

It’s easy to get sleepy, nausea and have no appetite recently.

Recent easy sleepiness, nausea, no appetite, hair loss, what is the reason, there is hypoglycemia. I don’t know if you are pregnant or not. At present, it is generally due to the deficiency of the spleen and the heavy dampness. This is generally due to eating raw, cold and greasy food. You can drink some… Read More »

Recent depression, often hair loss

Recent depression, often hair loss, more hair shampoo loss, a month, how to use the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, there is hair for blood, and women’s blood-based. From the symptoms and causes and age you mentioned, it is related to the deficiency of heart, liver and blood. It is suggested that first of all,… Read More »

Right neck, shoulder headache, what’s the matter

Right neck, shoulder headache, what’s the matter, right neck, shoulder headache, what’s the matter, I’m glad to answer for you, according to your symptoms, may be caused by cervical spondylosis. Cervical spondylosis can cause numbness in the upper limbs and stiffness in the neck. Be dizzy. Suggest you go to the hospital to do four… Read More »

Headache, scalp is the same as normal scalp

Headache, scalp and normal scalp, no other unusual, but very painful, hair tied is not very tight. According to your description, your condition may be characterized by local inflammation. The problem is not very big. You can watch it. Have a good rest, avoid fatigue, avoid staying up late, work-leisure combination. Pay attention to diet… Read More »

I washed my hair the night before last.

I washed my hair the night before yesterday, and today my hair is oily. Whether it’s with my sleeping late, the function of liver and kidney is not good can be analyzed by the situation you described. Generally, oily hair is mostly related to constitution, such as damp-heat constitution in the field of traditional Chinese… Read More »

Serious hair loss, frequent urination, no spirit all day

Serious hair loss, frequent urination, no spirit all day, what’s the matter? What medicine should I take??????????????????????? If you consider the general kidney deficiency, it is easy to cause this situation, which can be adjusted by drugs. In this case, you can take some kidney-tonifying drugs to observe and see, you can also see Chinese… Read More »