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Herpes on the right breast to the right back

Herpes zoster in the right breast, to the right back, has been taking medicine for 20 days, basically scab, that is, the scab is always wooden, but also with itching feeling, go to work, have an impact, herpes zoster is mainly due to their own herpes virus infection, this is infectious scab during the period… Read More »

Herpes on hands and feet, itching for half a month

There are herpes on the hands and feet, itching for half a month, feet sometimes hurt. How to treat pustules after blistering for a day at first? Hello, I’m glad to answer for you. If it’s blisters on the hands and feet alone? It may be contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis, as its name implies, is… Read More »

Herpes dare not be transfused for a month

Herpes dare not infuse for a month according to the medical history you provided, mainly a herpes related treatment problem, this is mainly due to viral infection, so it is recommended that active antiviral treatment is needed, generally infusion in about two weeks, one-year-old baby, just because of oral herpes infusion for five days, today… Read More »

Herpes is considered dermatosis. Today’s examination is herpes.

Herpes is a skin disease. Today’s examination says herpes. Can it be cured? With cloth bubbles, 2 to 3 years, the treatment of about how much the cost of timely treatment of herpes virus infection can be cured, one of their own infections is mainly anti-viral treatment at the same time they should pay attention… Read More »

Medial thigh herpes, before onset

Herpes medialis thigh. Before the onset of the disease, the muscle was extremely uncomfortable, painless or itchy, and could not say that the taste was uncomfortable. Then red, the next day from the small gun bubbles, stinging slowly turbid to clear, clustered bubbles, each time apply acyclovir ointment for a few days. But I’m sorry… Read More »

How about the herpes on the back? It’s not itchy. It’s been a week. It’s not so red.

Can I have herpes on my back? No itching, a week, not so red herpes and herpes zoster have self-healing, as long as it is slowly alleviating it is not important, but herpes simplex will recur. From your description, the main consideration is herpes zoster, your age is young, herpes can heal if it does… Read More »

You can’t drink herpes water in your throat and cry all the time.

I can’t drink herpes water in my throat and cry all the time. I have several herpes in the evening. I’m worried about not having a fever now. According to your description, I can’t drink herpes water in my throat and cry all the time. Initial consideration is the symptoms caused by herpes of throat… Read More »

Five-year-old with fever and herpes in the throat

Five-year-old with fever and herpes in the throat. How to do this? I’m a little anxious. Can you give me an answer? Hand and foot parts, anal parts have blisters, before fever, cough and sputum, this situation should first consider the relationship with herpetic angina, and if the hand and foot parts also have hand,… Read More »

Herpes during pregnancy, but several laser sessions

In pregnancy, herpes, but made several laser, all right! Now the child has grown up, now 18 years old, has a herpes virus test said that I inherited from the child. Can this be cured? Will it recur? What should we pay attention to at ordinary times? The child should be suffering from herpes simplex.… Read More »