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Herpes zoster has scabbed for more than 3 months

Herpes zoster for more than 3 months, has scabbed, leaving deep red scars, pain so far unable to sleep, smelling can be treated with cimetidine, how is the effect? Herpes zoster is caused by virus infection of skin and nerve. People with reduced resistance are prone to sequelae neuralgia. Sequelae neuralgia is more troublesome, usually… Read More »

Herpes simplex has been treated for 15 days and has been taking medicine

Herpes simplex has been treated for 15 days, and has been drinking medicines, including mannan peptide tablets, methylcobalamin, vitamin b1. Famciclovir has only been taken for a week, and has not eaten any more. Now the scab has been removed, and there are sequelae of neuralgia. Today, we have prescribed skin refreshing lotion, methylcobalamin, Huoxue… Read More »

How did herpes zoster virus start?

How does viral herpes zoster arise from herpes zoster, is due to early infection with varicella virus, no disease, but latent in the skin born, now due to the decline in body resistance, virus attack, and performance of herpes zoster, mainly on the treatment of antiviral drugs such as acyclovir tablets, the disease is not… Read More »

A small patch of herpes zoster crusted off the back

There is a small piece of herpes zoster scabbing off behind, but itching, has scabbing off for a week, this week old itching, scabbing off did not take medicine and injections just wipe the ointment, but now old itching, still need to go to the hospital to see, injection or take medicine, now no pain,… Read More »

I went to the hospital today and got herpes zoster. I hope to propose some treatment methods.

I went to the hospital today and got herpes zoster. I hope to put forward relevant treatment methods. It’s my pleasure to serve you. According to your description of symptoms, you can take special products to the local regular Chinese medicine hospital, the Department of acupuncture and moxibustion, and use plum blossom needle tapping plus… Read More »

Is this herpes zoster?

Staying up late, not sleeping well for several consecutive days, it is very uncomfortable. Today, I found something like this on the side of my body. Some people say herpes zoster. I want to determine what the reason is. Is this herpes zoster? You can’t rule out that herpes zoster is caused by herpes zoster.… Read More »

Herpes zoster, horn, scalp, infusion

Corner and scalp herpes zoster, infusion, taking medicine, also wiped, why the eyes become more and more swollen, is this normal? This is caused by herpes virus invading the ophthalmic nerve. How long have you been in this situation? Usually the best hospitalization treatment for ocular nerve invasion, in order to avoid damage to the… Read More »

What about herpes zoster with long eyes

How to deal with herpes zoster with long eyes, especially itchy, will it affect vision? What medicine should be used? Herpes zoster is a viral infection that generally does not affect vision. It needs antiviral treatment. It can be treated with acyclovir tablets, methylguerine tablets and vitamin B1 tablets orally and acyclovir ointment externally. Pay… Read More »

What about herpes zoster in early pregnancy? Does it affect Taier?

What about herpes zoster in the early pregnancy? Does it affect Taier children? Infection with herpes zoster in early pregnancy, especially in three months of pregnancy, is likely to affect the normal development of the fetus, but the incidence of this situation is low. You said that herpes zoster infection in the first trimester of… Read More »

Does a one-year-old baby get scabby quickly after eating herpes, so that the rest of the baby’s food will be contagious?

One-year-old baby eats herpes quickly and scabby so that the rest of the child will be infected? The child’s situation is caused by viral infection, need to do a blood routine examination to see, can take oral antiviral mouth, can be applied with acyclovir cream, diet, avoid spicy, food can not eat, my mother has… Read More »