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The boy is fourteen years old and has very oily hair

The boy is 14 years old, his hair is very oily, his father is oily skin, so is he! And his father lost his hair when he was about twenty! Very serious! How to prevent children from puberty? Have oily hair, it is recommended to strengthen personal hygiene, wash hair frequently, change clothes frequently, and… Read More »

Hair becomes soft, thin and baldness, how to return a responsibility?

Hair becomes soft, thin and hair loss, what’s the matter? Hair becomes soft and thin, and often drag and drop, it may be seborrheic hair loss, or it may be caused by sub-health. You should go to the dermatology department to check the cause of hair loss, and then take effective drugs for treatment. In… Read More »

Does paronychia have a small pustule which is not very serious and can be broken by oneself?

Does paronychia have a small abscess which is not very serious and can be broken by itself? Paronychia has abscess, which is the best. Don’t pick it up by yourself, avoid further infection. It can be disinfected with Iodophor and smeared with erythromycin ointment. Suggestions, pay attention to rest and local cleanliness, avoid infection, do… Read More »

What about long keloids in ear-piercing holes?

This year, 23 years old, four months ago, the ear hole, has been wearing silver ear nails, in recent days with hand touch suddenly found a small lump, go to the hospital to check that there is a keloid, what can be eliminated? After the ear hole long scar, to prohibit wearing ear jewelry, avoid… Read More »

He got viral herpes after a cold

After a cold, I got viral herpes, nostril pain, thick and yellow tongue coating, and dental marks on the edge of my tongue! I bought Acyclovir, Ribavirin and Niuhuang Shangqing Pills. Do you need any medicine? According to the information provided by you, it is impossible to judge the severity of the disease. There are… Read More »

Paronychia, cut the night by oneself

Nail furrow inflammation, cut their own evening, after the foot numbness, thought, cut a long time caused by, did not pay attention to, good morning, did not expect to wake up in the morning, the foot numbness is severe, the whole leg can not feel, the toes are swollen, today insisted on a day’s work,… Read More »

Paronychia, bleeding, swelling, what surgery to do

Paronychia, bleeding, swelling, to do what surgery, surgery, rest for a few days, the specific cost of this situation to go to general surgery or dermatology in time, and then cut off the residual nail or pull out, incision and purulent treatment, and strengthen the use of anti-inflammatory drugs to treat, this is a very… Read More »

The baby is over a month old now.

Baby is now more than one year old and a month old. Postpartum hair loss is a little serious. Every time I comb my hair, I will lose a lot of hair. According to the analysis of the situation described by you, traditional Chinese medicine is generally believed to be caused by kidney deficiency or… Read More »

Usually, dandruff and hair always turn around.

Usually, dandruff and hair are always turned around. In this case, if you always lose your hair and have dandruff, you’d better go to the dermatology department of the hospital to check to see if there is any tinea scalp. After diagnosis and treatment, you should eat light food these days, not eat spicy and… Read More »

My hair doesn’t work well after perm. It’s broken.

It’s not good, it’s broken, it’s too messy, and it’s uncomfortable to wash it once a day. It’s just cut in the barber’s for a few days, and then it’s messy. What should I do? I’m glad to answer the question for you. You mean it’s too messy after it’s permed? Depending on what you… Read More »