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Poor memory, poor spirit

Memory decline, spirit bad, appetite bad, sleep bad, vision decline, hair fall off, often do not care about hair skin gas, burst dry your situation may be due to the deficiency of liver and kidney essence and blood deficiency. At ordinary times, you can pay attention to personal hygiene and diet, and you can also… Read More »

What’s going on with baby hair loss?

The baby is only five months old, but I found that the hair behind him is very little. It seems that there is hair loss. What’s the matter with the hair loss? If some of my children feel that the hair in the back of the head is less, it may also be caused by… Read More »

The child had repeated fever and herpes in his throat.

The child has repeated fever, herpes in his throat, cough, and a week’s injection. When the herpes is good, he has also pasted a small Chinese medicine, which is bad cough. Coughing during the day and night, the child may have symptoms of bronchitis caused by bacterial infection. Suggestions, your situation can go to the… Read More »

Now more than nine weeks pregnant, there are blisters in the labia vulvae

Now more than nine weeks pregnant, there are blisters in the labia vulvae, herpes simplex virus recurrence, with Acyclovir Ointment can be treated? Does it affect the fetus? At present, the absorption of drugs for trauma over nine weeks of pregnancy is limited, which should not cause damage to the fetus. Your condition is a… Read More »

Viral herpes, pain, and outward spread

Viral herpes, pain, and spread outward. Also in lactation period, I prescribed Mecobalamin Dispersible Tablets, Longdan Xiegan Capsules, and one ointment and one “xx” lotion. Do these oral medicines have any effect on babies? Can you also eat breast milk according to the situation you described and the types of medicines? Breast milk is not… Read More »

Toenails grow into flesh on both sides of big toes

The toenails grow into the flesh on both sides of the big toes, which makes walking painful now. How to deal with it without going to the hospital? According to your symptom description, without pictures, this consideration is paronychia and nail insertion. If you do not go to the hospital, you can try to use… Read More »

Herpes zoster is close to healing.

Got herpes zoster after treatment has been close to good, today’s home stewed chicken eat five pieces do not know whether it matters, now the chest is just sick when the kind of pain herpes zoster is chickenpox – zoster virus caused by acute infectious skin disease. Antiviral therapy, oral acyclovir, valaciclovir. Suggestion: During the… Read More »

What hairstyle do you have for hair loss on the top of your head?

Hair has not been much since childhood, but now after high school, it has fallen off severely and has been treated everywhere, but there is no good therapeutic effect. Now there is no hair on the top of the head. What kind of haircut would be better like me? You should go to a better… Read More »

How can you stop losing your hair after giving birth?

A few days ago, I just gave birth to my baby and realized the joy of being a mother. I heard my mother-in-law say that it is easy to lose hair if the child is not properly conditioned after birth. Everyone loves beauty. How can I reduce or even not lose hair? It is normal… Read More »

OK! Mom is over eighty years old.

Good! Mother has been more than 80 years, 5 years ago, herpes zoster due to untimely treatment, left the feeling of pain from time to time. How to relieve pain,! Herpes zoster is a viral inflammatory skin disease caused by varicella zoster virus when the immunity is low. It can cause pain and blisters. Symptoms… Read More »