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How is diagnosed psoriasis treated?

There are pimples and desquamation on the head. It has been more than one month since the diagnosis of psoriasis was made in the local hospital. The medicine prepared by the local hospital has not improved significantly after a period of use, so I want to ask Fang Hospital to have a look. How is… Read More »

How to treat psoriasis?

Start with a small red spot on the right calf. A few months later, small red spots appeared on all limbs. At present, the legs are more serious, and there are three small red spots on the arms. There are three on the back. It’s mainly itchy, and there’s a skinny night at the first… Read More »

How to treat generalized psoriasis?

Systemic erythema and papules lasted for about 3 months. It begins on the head and face, then gradually spreads to the trunk and limbs, accompanied by itching. No improvement. The range of rash is gradually expanding. How to treat generalized psoriasis? The patient is frequently ill and acute. The pustules can spread all over the… Read More »

How to treat psoriasis in 10-year-old girls

After three months of treatment, most of them returned to normal color. Only a little red on the back of the head and neck, but no dandruff, and then changed to two or three days of application. So far, the color has not returned to normal, but not so red 10-year-old girl’s psoriasis how to… Read More »

How can psoriasis be treated? Can it be cured?

How can psoriasis be treated? Can it be cured? No, how can psoriasis be cured? I have been treating psoriasis for 67 years. The key to cure psoriasis is whether the treatment plan is suitable for the patient’s condition. The patients’condition and individual differences are different, and the treatment methods are different. For this reason,… Read More »

How to get rid of psoriasis on the head?

Now the scalp spread out, a small piece appeared in the calf, and several pieces appeared in the elbow. The main reason is that the scalp is more serious. Originally there was a small piece in the back of the head. Now it spreads around the head. How to remove psoriasis on the head if… Read More »

How to deal with and control psoriasis

The legs and abdomen appeared small red dots. At that time, some external medications were prescribed in the dermatology department, but the effect was not very good, and new red dots would appear. As a common disease, psoriasis is closely related to the human immune system. When the patient’s immunity declines, it is very easy… Read More »

How to treat psoriasis for several years?

A few years ago, only the legs went to a hospital for examination. It was said that psoriasis had not been examined several times and that it would be better slowly or not seriously, regardless of the fact that he had recently felt worse and had itching on his arms. How to treat psoriasis for… Read More »

Can Psoriasis Be Treated Repeatedly

The symptoms that began to appear in summer vacation were first small bags in the hair and then dandruff on the forehead. Now the inflammation and dandruff on the forehead are very serious. Can psoriasis be treated repeatedly? At present, the best way to treat psoriasis is to control the cause of the disease, according… Read More »