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Now more than nine weeks pregnant, there are blisters in the labia vulvae

Now more than nine weeks pregnant, there are blisters in the labia vulvae, herpes simplex virus recurrence, with Acyclovir Ointment can be treated? Does it affect the fetus? At present, the absorption of drugs for trauma over nine weeks of pregnancy is limited, which should not cause damage to the fetus. Your condition is a… Read More »

The calf has a knot, itchy and hard.

There is a knot on the calf. It’s itchy and hard. It’s answering your question. No picture. If it’s bigger red knot and itchy, considering papular urticaria, we may suggest sending a clear picture to make it clear. Papular urticaria can be treated with calamine lotion and Eugene cream. A knot on the calf begins… Read More »

The buttock has a knot in the morning. It’s very big now. I wonder if there’s anything wrong with it.

The buttock has a long lump in the morning. Now it’s very big. I don’t know if there’s anything wrong with it. Lumps are usually caused by inflammation and cysts. Attention should be paid to whether there are symptoms such as swelling and pain. Only through examination and clinical symptoms can the diagnosis be confirmed.… Read More »

Usually, dandruff and hair always turn around.

Usually, dandruff and hair are always turned around. In this case, if you always lose your hair and have dandruff, you’d better go to the dermatology department of the hospital to check to see if there is any tinea scalp. After diagnosis and treatment, you should eat light food these days, not eat spicy and… Read More »

Is hair loss due to oiliness liver depression?

High school student party, usually living in dormitories, shampoo frequency once a day, but hair is still very oily, students said that liver depression caused by this situation? There is a certain reason, hair oil generally considered liver stagnation, doctors suggest that the treatment of symptoms to cure the root causes, conditioning is important, you… Read More »

The scalp is always itchy and the hair is not oily.

The scalp is always itchy, and the hair is not oily, and there is a lot of dandruff. It’s all right. Many methods have been tried without removing dandruff. Can you help me? The situation you described may be seborrheic dermatitis or fungal infection. Sometimes these two conditions coexist, leading to excess oil secretion, itching,… Read More »

This year 14, pubic hair has grown.

This year 14, pubic hair is long, pants clip to pain, can you cut it off? Or cut it short? Hello, pubic hair will grow gradually over time. If discomfort is caused by too long pubic hair, it can be pruned properly. Hello, but pay attention to the fact that if the pubic hair is… Read More »

Hair drops so badly that it’s oily.

Hair drops badly, with a lot of oil, but no dandruff, often itchy, will buckle down small crystals, very worried about taking off many roots every day, in this case, the human body drops 70 to 100 hair every day is normal. Suggestion: At ordinary times, we should pay attention to cleaning our hair in… Read More »

Oil is coming out all the time after the flow of people, and hair loss is serious.

After the flow of oil has been on the head, and hair loss is serious, what’s wrong, please tell me thank you very much for the first lack of gas and blood situation. Secondly, the situation caused by the exuberant secretion of sebaceous glands. Don’t stay up late. Next is to find the pulse conditioning… Read More »

There are blisters in the nostrils and a feeling of pus.

Long blisters in the nostrils, pus feeling, itching and pain, the symptoms of acyclovir ointment alleviated, is it herpes? Before herpes type 1 IgM positive took medicine to improve, at the critical value, will it be herpes recurrence again, did not eat things on fire recently, also did not catch a cold, how to do… Read More »