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The buttock has a knot in the morning. It’s very big now. I wonder if there’s anything wrong with it.

The buttock has a long lump in the morning. Now it’s very big. I don’t know if there’s anything wrong with it. Lumps are usually caused by inflammation and cysts. Attention should be paid to whether there are symptoms such as swelling and pain. Only through examination and clinical symptoms can the diagnosis be confirmed.… Read More »

There are lice, especially lice eggs.

There are lice, lice eggs are especially plentiful. Do you need any medicine? Shall I have my head cut? Need to go to the hospital? This is the case of head lice. It is recommended to remove the hair and rub it around the affected area with half bottle of Kangningxi lotion and equal amount… Read More »

I feel insects crawling on my head. It’s itchy. My hair is oily. What if it always loses its hair?

There are insects crawling on the head, itching, hair love oil, and how to always lose hair, should be caused by seborrheic dermatitis symptoms, you can use sulfur soap shampoo, salicylic acid cream smear. Suggestions, it is best to go to the hospital dermatology department to check, clear the cause and specific conditions, symptomatic treatment,… Read More »

Is it easy to lose your hair after a bad tie?

My hair is super thick. Every time I go for a haircut, the hairstylist has a headache. Not only that, but also the quality of hair is poor. Sometimes it is easy to lose its hair after a bad tie? From your description, you are a typical hair quality deterioration. You should maintain good dietary… Read More »

Hair loss is severe. Every day I itch very much. Once I stop taking antiallergic drugs, I itch very much.

From your description, it is very itchy to take anti-allergic drugs every day. It is especially itchy to stop taking anti-allergic drugs every day. There are many manifestations of kidney deficiency. In this case, you can use Shengfa capsules, some calcium, vitamin C, chlorpheniramine, and pay attention to dietary nutrition supplements. This may be the… Read More »

16 years old, bad hair, dandruff

Sixteen years old, with bad hair, dandruff and a dirty beard. What’s the reason why the whole face looks so unnatural? According to your situation and problems, you feel bad on your head and face, and you don’t look energetic enough. Suggestions can be cut short hair, shampoo every day, shave clean, clean facial skin,… Read More »

Symptoms: Lower axillary pimples, itchy

Symptoms: Lower axillary pimples, itchy. Time: It lasts about three days. At first, both axillae were long. Yesterday, I bought a herpes virus ointment. After applying this ointment, one side of the package grew more obviously and the other side improved. Menstruation is delayed for 3 days and pregnant. Consider herpes virus infection according to… Read More »

It’s the red blister on my chin.

It’s this red blister on my chin, especially itchy. I saw it. The examination said it was viral herpes. The examination said that it was caused by low autoimmunity. The bad treatment of viral herpes was also caused by viral infection. It needs timely and symptomatic treatment. In the emergence of Safflower in the autonomous… Read More »

It’s just that the front of the hair is itchy and partly bald.

Is the front of the hair very itchy, and some bald, why, because the original hair is a little less than you said that the situation of local skin itching uncomfortable, hair loss phenomenon, it is estimated to be allergic or ringworm. In this case, first of all, light diet, pay attention to rest, prevent… Read More »

It’s like scurf. It’s itchy.

It’s like scurf, scalp is itchy, a mouthful will have a lot of short hair, I use my hands will drop a lot of short hair, bathing feeling much better, but after a day itching again. Or drop it. How to do from the situation you described, considering the kind of dandruff itching caused mainly… Read More »