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The scalp itches badly and the hair falls off a lot.

The scalp itches badly, the hair drops too much, the hair is easy to oil, and there are many dandruff, what’s the reason? Considering the possibility of seborrheic dermatitis, it is suggested that loratadine tablets, vitamin B6 tablets, compound ketoconazole shampoo and compound ketoconazole cream can be taken orally. At the same time, pay attention… Read More »

Oily crown, itchy scalp, hair loss, sweating forehead, always urinating

The top of the head is oily, itchy scalp, hair loss, sweating on the forehead, how long has it been urinating? Consider seborrheic dermatitis. It has a lot to do with physical and mental stress. Cetirizine Hydrochloride Tablets and Yangxue Shengfa Capsules can be taken orally. Selenium disulfide lotion for external use. In addition, avoid… Read More »

The scalp is always itchy and the hair is not oily.

The scalp is always itchy, and the hair is not oily, and there is a lot of dandruff. It’s all right. Many methods have been tried without removing dandruff. Can you help me? The situation you described may be seborrheic dermatitis or fungal infection. Sometimes these two conditions coexist, leading to excess oil secretion, itching,… Read More »

The scalp is itchy, dandruff is plentiful, and dandruff is relatively large.

Scalp itching, a lot of dandruff, dandruff is relatively large, hair wash once every two days, how to wash dandruff can not be washed off according to the situation you described, do not rule out because of occupational dermatitis leading to your current symptoms. At present, you may consider topical use of dermatinping or medicinal… Read More »

Often itching, hair withered yellow, washed the next day began to itch

Often itching, hair withered yellow, the next day after washing began itching, according to your description of itchy scalp hair withered yellow consider seborrheic dermatitis or poor shampoo stimulation is related to this situation, it is recommended that you usually pay attention to strengthen nutrition and eat more nuts, can use 2% ketoconazole hair shampoo… Read More »

Hair drops so badly that it’s oily.

Hair drops badly, with a lot of oil, but no dandruff, often itchy, will buckle down small crystals, very worried about taking off many roots every day, in this case, the human body drops 70 to 100 hair every day is normal. Suggestion: At ordinary times, we should pay attention to cleaning our hair in… Read More »

There’s a lot of dandruff, itchy scalp, reddish scalp, greasy hair.

There are a large amount of dandruff, itchy scalp, reddish scalp, greasy hair from the situation you described, analysis; for a large amount of dandruff, the scalp is very itchy, scalp reddish, greasy hair, one is due to fungal infection, you can choose Kangwang lotion; the other is due to adverse blood fever, at this… Read More »

The hair on the top of the head is greasy, soft and sparse.

Hair on the top of the head is greasy, thin and sparse. I have kidney deficiency problems. I don’t know if it has anything to do with it. How to deal with kidney deficiency will lead to hair loss. Human vitality originates from the kidney, which is derived from the essence of the kidney. Qi… Read More »

16 years old, bad hair, dandruff

Sixteen years old, with bad hair, dandruff and a dirty beard. What’s the reason why the whole face looks so unnatural? According to your situation and problems, you feel bad on your head and face, and you don’t look energetic enough. Suggestions can be cut short hair, shampoo every day, shave clean, clean facial skin,… Read More »

After a year of severe hair loss, there is a noticeable decrease in hair.

Severe hair loss for one year, now hair significantly less, blood tests, thyroid, scalp tubular hair, scalp itching, how to do? Judging from what you said. This may be lipoid alopecia. Maybe it’s related to the heavy dampness in your body. In this case, you’d better go to see Chinese medicine and use Chinese medicine… Read More »