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A small patch of herpes zoster crusted off the back

There is a small piece of herpes zoster scabbing off behind, but itching, has scabbing off for a week, this week old itching, scabbing off did not take medicine and injections just wipe the ointment, but now old itching, still need to go to the hospital to see, injection or take medicine, now no pain,… Read More »

Weariness, lack of movement, difficulty in falling asleep

Tired and weak, do not want to move, difficult to fall asleep, oily hair dandruff, bored and burnt heart, angry chest pain. How long has this been going on? This situation can still be oral Anshen Bunao fluid for a period of time, conditioning, I hope to help you! Regular diet, do not eat raw… Read More »

The knot on the waist bleeds all the time after it is broken.

Description of symptoms: itching at first, bleeding after breaking, brushing after, regardless of it, I will go to the emergence of treatment after: I washed with alcohol, but did not hurt to check the situation: After 20 minutes or so, no bleeding supplementary questions: After a little pain, the face began to heat according to… Read More »

Toes and fingers ache. Big mother’s toes are swollen and painful.

Toe and finger pain, big mother toe swelling and pain is particularly severe, what is the reason, what is the matter you said is to consider the situation of paronychia. This is because nail clippers are too easy to occur. At present, local iodophor rubbing on erythromycin ointment. Take cefixime capsules for a few days… Read More »

The paronychia is red and swollen. The symptoms are very long.

The paronychia is red and swollen. The symptoms are very long. Inflammation has not disappeared, what anti-inflammatory drugs can be taken during lactation is generally associated with local inflammation and infection, may be related to hygiene or wearing shoes too tight, etc. At ordinary times, pay attention to hygiene, do not drink, do not eat… Read More »

A little red and swollen with mild paronychia

Mild nail furrow inflammation is a little reddish and swollen,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The patients with paronychia can be treated by oral antiphlogistic drugs. If further aggravation occurs, surgical incision should be performed. It is suggested that amoxicillin capsules can be taken orally, and rest should be paid attention to at ordinary times, local hygiene should be maintained,… Read More »

A painful swelling and tightening of the forehead

Frontal hair swelling and tightening pain, driving the right temple also has a sudden pain, hang what department inspection is appropriate? There are many symptoms of headache, such as brain disease and neuralgia, which are usually caused by your consideration of this situation. You can go to the hospital to check this situation, you can… Read More »

Head herpes, accompanied by itching and pain, sensory nerve pain

Head herpes, accompanied by itching and pain, feeling nerve pain, hanging water for two days did not work. Which hospital can you go to see if the symptoms may be herpes zoster caused by viral infection? Pay attention to rest, avoid catching cold, avoid spicy stimulating food, drink more water, you can go to the… Read More »

Masturbation every day, leading to stomachache and hair loss

Masturbation every day, leading to stomachache and hair loss, urine bleeding, legs weakness, how to do ah, urgent, your situation is often caused by frequent masturbation symptoms. It is suggested that we should pay attention to rest, get rid of bad habits and strengthen physical exercise. It is good to take traditional Chinese medicine for… Read More »

About five days, 85 years old, herpes zoster is very serious

Five days or so, 85 years old, herpes zoster is very serious. Last year, my sister-in-law also grew up. At that time, she was given several yellow pills to crush and add calamine. After she used them, it would be better in a few days. Do you know what these yellow pills are? According to… Read More »