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Maybe you have paronychia. Putting on socks will make you fluids.

Maybe you have paronychia, wearing socks will make liquid, very painful, swollen, purple and purple, what can I do for you? Judging from your description, you should go to the hospital for symptomatic treatment. Generally speaking, this situation should be paronychia caused by local purulent infection, so make it timely. Purulent area clear, debridement, prevent… Read More »

Paronychia will go to school the day after tomorrow

Paronychia will go to school the day after tomorrow. I changed my medicine today. It’s too painful. Will it still hurt next time? I’m glad to relieve you. Next dressing change will be less painful than this one. It’s a common disease in summer and autumn. It’s frequently-occurring. This disease is prone to repeated infection.… Read More »

Paronychia lined it with cotton cloth

Paronychia is covered with cotton cloth. Will it be inflamed if it rains today? What should we do if it rains? This is not a big problem, because inflammation exists locally. This rain is not very dirty, so it is unlikely to aggravate wound infection. If you have some worries in mind, you can also,… Read More »

The foot has paronychia, often suppuration

The foot has paronychia, often suppuration, and yellow hard things, is it proliferation? Every day, as long as there is blood and pus left on a sock, do you want to pull out your nails and use anesthetics? According to the situation you described, consider paronychia and need treatment. It is recommended that you go… Read More »

After nail extraction, paronychia

After nail extraction, how to keep it out of the way, there has been a slight insertion, should be removed from the situation you described, consider mainly the case of paronychia, have done removal surgery, you said that this is not interesting, what is the specific situation? You’d better describe it clearly. If you can’t… Read More »

Paronychia, 4,5 months

Paronychia, 4, 5 months, overflow, where should I go when I take anesthetics, will it be very painful? Paronychia is an infection occurring in the paronychia. Most of them are caused by short nail scissors, nail insertion and pulling out the prickles. After paronychia suppuration, it can cause severe throbbing pain. Suggestion: Toenail extraction can… Read More »

However, the foot has paronychia

However, the foot has paronychia, inflammation when touched, encountered some dirty water, touched the water that the dog had drunk, will there be anything wrong, now inflammation analysis, suffering from paronychia, can take conservative treatment. Local application of anti-inflammatory drugs, oral anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory drugs, if necessary, local surgical incision and drainage, I hope the above… Read More »

Thumb nail furrow inflammation now swollen up sharp pain how to do?

Thumb nail groove inflammation now swollen up severe pain how to do? According to the above information, it is recommended that you go to the regular hospital for general surgery examination and treatment. Consider that you are likely to be caused by ingrown nails. After diagnosis, surgery under local anesthesia should be carried out. Drugs… Read More »

The foot has paronychia. It’s broken.

The foot has paronychia, broken, bleeding, and then washed by the dog’s bath water, what will happen? This situation first needs anti-inflammation, you can use ciprofloxacin hydrochloride ointment. Avoid contact with water. Don’t cut your nails too short. Try not to get in the dog’s bath water. Pay more attention at ordinary times. First of… Read More »

Big toe nail furrow inflammation, pus

Big toe nail groove inflammation, pus, conservative treatment roasted red light, external use of boric acid lotion, can you? Or cut and drain pus according to your description, big toe nail furrow inflammation, pus, this situation is generally nails have grown into meat, roasted red light, external use of boric acid lotion effect is not… Read More »