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The scalp is always itchy and the hair is not oily.

The scalp is always itchy, and the hair is not oily, and there is a lot of dandruff. It’s all right. Many methods have been tried without removing dandruff. Can you help me? The situation you described may be seborrheic dermatitis or fungal infection. Sometimes these two conditions coexist, leading to excess oil secretion, itching,… Read More »

How to deal with women’s hair loss?

At the beginning of the year, I liked to perm and dye my hair very much. As a result, my hair was injured. Later, I began to lose my hair slowly. It was very serious. Every time I washed my hair, it was most obvious. There was hair everywhere in my house. Hair loss was… Read More »

Nineteen years old. Hair is falling off badly.

This year, 19 years old, hair drops badly, frequent itching, hair began to thin and soft, about 4.5 months you are caused by strict anemia, mainly due to weakness of the spleen and stomach, insufficient Qi and blood, have to be early nourished! Now you eat the tonifying spleen and stomach of ginseng back to… Read More »

I started with one on my hand, and after one day I got up a lot on my right hand, which was a little itchy.

I started with one on my hand, and after one day I got up a lot on my right hand, which was a little itchy. According to the situation you described, there is a knot on your right hand, and then there are more knots. Considering that papular urticaria may be caused by mosquitoes or… Read More »

I’ve been feeling weak lately and feet are weak.

Recently, I have been weak all over, feel feet soft, and perspire all the time, that is, sweating all over the meal, and my hair loss is very severe recently. I am glad to serve you with a serious masturbation history. From your description, this situation should be caused by excessive masturbation of Qi and… Read More »

My hair has suddenly turned white in the last month.

The hair has suddenly turned white in the last month, and it’s very white, especially with white temples. What’s the reason? It turned a lot white at once. Obviously. It’s my pleasure to answer this question for you, not excluding the relationship between mental stress and excessive mental stress. It is suggested that the above… Read More »

Frequency of urination, urgency of urination, weakness of waist and knee

The occurrence of frequent urination, urgency of urination, soreness of waist and knee, premature ejaculation, fear of cold, alopecia, tinnitus, what kind of disease is this, hang what department, need not do surgery from the symptoms described by you after comprehensive analysis to consider the possibility of kidney-yang deficiency in traditional Chinese medicine. It is… Read More »

Why did you lose your hair so badly without staying up late?

Why don’t you stay up late? Why do you lose your hair badly? No dandruff, healthy diet, no spicy food, no sweet and sour food? I’m glad to answer that. According to your description, it should be the manifestation of endocrine disorders, caused by malnutrition or insufficient Qi and blood. It is suggested to eat… Read More »

The forehead and nose are oily.

Forehead and nose are very oily, and my hair is oily, basically once a day shampoo, such as last night shampoo, the next night is oily, what’s the matter, what’s the solution? According to what you describe, your consideration may be related to oily skin, sebaceous gland secretion and pore blockage. It is suggested to… Read More »