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Itchy, greasy scalp with dandruff and hair loss

The scalp is itchy, greasy, with dandruff and hair loss. It’s not good for sleeping and dreaming. Now it’s not so bad. But the scalp oil, the hair that has been lost, is not long. I’m glad to answer the questions for you. Pay attention to cleaning your hair every day. No spicy food. Wash… Read More »

What wash does scalp come out oil to lose hair use?

I don’t know what’s going on. My hair is always oily, and I still feel itchy. I always scratch my head. What can I use to clean it at ordinary times? The patient’s condition should be caused by seborrheic dermatitis. It’s recommended that the patient should not scratch his head with his hands at ordinary… Read More »

Usually, dandruff and hair always turn around.

Usually, dandruff and hair are always turned around. In this case, if you always lose your hair and have dandruff, you’d better go to the dermatology department of the hospital to check to see if there is any tinea scalp. After diagnosis and treatment, you should eat light food these days, not eat spicy and… Read More »

The scalp is always itchy and the hair is not oily.

The scalp is always itchy, and the hair is not oily, and there is a lot of dandruff. It’s all right. Many methods have been tried without removing dandruff. Can you help me? The situation you described may be seborrheic dermatitis or fungal infection. Sometimes these two conditions coexist, leading to excess oil secretion, itching,… Read More »

Hair is often greasy, and there is a large amount of dandruff attached to the scalp, often hair loss.

Hair is often greasy, there will be a large amount of dandruff attached to the scalp, often hair loss according to the medical history you provide, consider a seborrheic hair loss, suggest you need to pay attention to rest, keep local skin clean, do not stay up late, and can use oil shampoo shampoo shampoo,… Read More »

The scalp itches. It’s all scalp.

Scalp itching, all scalp, like snowflakes, all head is, shampoo, hair dry immediately appear according to your symptoms description, no pictures, consider several issues, one is seborrheic dermatitis, generally is the whole scalp diffuse scales or papules itching, the other is psoriasis, generally is the first. In the interscalp, erythema scales, some may have itching.… Read More »

The scalp often itches a few months ago.

A few months ago, the scalp often itched, and then began to lose hair. In fact, there are not many hair loss, no particular exaggeration, but I feel that because there is no new hair. So there’s less and less hair. In recent months, itchy scalp accompanied by mild hair loss has occurred. Most of… Read More »

Hair loss, itchy scalp, acne on face

In early 2018, when hair loss did not care, thought it was a normal phenomenon, and now it has become the Mediterranean. Is there any way to save it? Scalp itching, only 31 years old, why hair loss? In early 2018, when hair loss did not care, thought it was a normal phenomenon, and now… Read More »

There is a lot of dandruff and the scalp is a little flaky red.

There are many dandruff on the scalp. The scalp is a little flaky red, dandruff and spot flaky alopecia (about 0.2-0.5 square centimeter area). Drop psoriasis in the limbs and waist. Symptoms have been half a year, the hospital initially diagnosed eczema, then diagnosed allergic dermatitis, and finally diagnosed drip psoriasis. Now there are red… Read More »

Seborrheic dermatitis causes alopecia, dandruff and itching

Seborrheic dermatitis causes alopecia, dandruff and itching. Wash your hair after dilution with dermatosis lotion. Do you need water to wash your hair after washing? Seborrheic dermatitis is more likely to occur in the scalp, eyebrows and eyelids where hairs grow. The scalp of general patients can be covered by oily dandruff and the pores… Read More »