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What wash does scalp come out oil to lose hair use?

I don’t know what’s going on. My hair is always oily, and I still feel itchy. I always scratch my head. What can I use to clean it at ordinary times? The patient’s condition should be caused by seborrheic dermatitis. It’s recommended that the patient should not scratch his head with his hands at ordinary… Read More »

I heard that minoxidil will lose hair when used

I heard that minoxidil will lose hair crazily after use. Is that true? A freshman, three years ago, Ion perm hair loss was serious, visible scalp, very distressed, minoxidil will be useful? First of all, you need to clarify the cause of hair loss, do not use drugs casually. Hair loss is generally related to… Read More »

Hair loss, baldness, good oil, face is also a lot of oil

Hair loss, baldness, good oil, face is also a lot of oil. And premature ejaculation. It’s easy to ejaculate when you’re especially nervous. According to your description, this is a symptom caused by spleen and kidney deficiency. Please relax and don’t be too nervous. It is recommended that you take the drugs of invigorating the… Read More »

Seborrheic alopecia, rapid baldness on the top of the head, greasy and dandruff

Seborrheic alopecia, hair on the top of the head quickly bald and greasy, dandruff is very happy to answer this question for you. This is often seen in young adults. In the treatment, we should first pay attention to rest, not insomnia. Keep in a good mood. Don’t use alkaline shampoo. You can take Chinese… Read More »

Seborrheic alopecia occurs for a year or two

Seborrheic alopecia occurs for one or two years. Does this work? About how long does it take to be effective? Usually the hair is not greasy. How long has it been washed? What medicine are you taking now? Seborrheic hair is excessive oil secretion on the head, the usual diet should be light, eat less… Read More »

Seborrheic alopecia has been severe in recent months.

Seborrheic alopecia is very severe in recent months. More than 150 hairs are lost every day. The blood routine and trace elements in the hospital have been checked. No problem. It is said that seborrheic alopecia. How to treat it? There is seborrheic alopecia. No hair loss is around 150. Vaccination situation, it is recommended… Read More »

Primary alopecia, seborrheic alopecia

Primary hair loss, seborrheic hair loss, only how to do on the top of the head, seen in Xi’an, take medicine, but the top of the head is still a little alopecia from the symptoms you said is about hair loss on the top of the head, allergic dermatitis, considering the reasons for seborrheic dermatitis,… Read More »

Seborrheic alopecia, hair loss has been more than two years

Seborrheic alopecia, hair loss has been more than two years, I wonder if there is any way to make the hospital hair can not fall according to the situation you described. Hair loss occurs. It’s seborrheic alopecia. It is recommended to wash your hair with Zele lotion. Twice a week. Itraconazole capsules were given orally.… Read More »

Hair is naturally sparse and does not lose its hair.

Hair is naturally scarce and does not lose its hair. Is there any way to become dense? Ask the Master to point out that Maze is born with scarce hair. If it is cured, it should be slower, because it is a congenital disease after all, and the reversal of the acquired treatment is very… Read More »

Seborrheic alopecia was diagnosed in a 17-year-old man with thin, oily hair on the top of his head.

Seborrheic alopecia is a 17-year-old man with thin hair on the top of his head and oil. The hospital diagnosed it as seborrheic alopecia. Friends, according to what you said, seborrheic alopecia is mainly related to personal oily skin. You can wash your hair with sulfur soap. Or put some vinegar in the shampoo. Usually… Read More »