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[condition: some serious hair loss recently

[condition: Recently, the hair loss is serious, and the pubic hair falls off a lot. When taking a bath, a scratch on the head and a scratch on the private part can shed a lot of hair and hair. ]Recently masturbation some frequent, can hair pubic hair fall off and kidney empty concern? I’ve just… Read More »

What hairstyle does a woman with severe hair loss have?

My hair is very sparse from a young age. I started to lose it again in recent years. I used to wear a ponytail braid or a bow, but I think it would be less and less. What hairstyle should I cut badly? If the hair loss is very serious, I need to check to… Read More »

What hairstyle do you have for hair loss on the top of your head?

Hair has not been much since childhood, but now after high school, it has fallen off severely and has been treated everywhere, but there is no good therapeutic effect. Now there is no hair on the top of the head. What kind of haircut would be better like me? You should go to a better… Read More »

What is a hair replacement for hair loss?

This year only 45, I feel very young, but the recent hair loss situation, that is, every time I wash my hair and comb my hair, I also lose a lot of hair. I heard that hair can be replaced. What is the hair replacement? Hair replacement is only the first step, but also we… Read More »

How to treat severe alopecia with sparse male hair?

Recently, the work pressure is very high, there is some baldness, but now it is sparse and serious hair loss. Is there any good way to treat hair loss in eyes? In your case, considering that it is caused by mental stress and excessive pressure, you can adjust your body, do not smoke or drink… Read More »

Why do young women lose their hair?

I am a person who pays close attention to my body. I always go to bed early and get up early. But recently, hair loss has begun to appear in shampoo, and it is very serious. I really wonder why young women lose their hair. And now many young girls like to be beautiful, so… Read More »

What should we do if kidney deficiency causes sweating? Hope to give a reasonable suggestion!

What if kidney deficiency causes sweating? Hope to give a reasonable suggestion! It is suggested that you take Xuhan Ting Granule orally and treat it with Liuwei Dihuang Pill. Avoid spicy and irritating food, avoid obesity, pay attention not to stay up late, exercise more and improve your health. According to what you have said,… Read More »

Is there a good cure for sparse hair, itchy hair?

Is there a good way to cure the itching and sparse hair? It’s not oily or itchy. It’s usually washed in a few days. Ordinary diet should be light, eat less spicy stimulating food, do not stay up late, you can buy some gluten tablets and cystine tablets from the pharmacy. Seborrheic dermatitis is a… Read More »

Severe hair loss, no hair loss at the root

The hair is severely broken, the root of the hair is not alopecia, are broken hair, hair is very thin and soft, but more than normal people, hair color black, how to judge what happened to the hair, I usually do not stay up late and do not smoke to follow up your situation, consider… Read More »

Seven weeks pregnant, hair loss has been severe since pregnancy

Pregnancy 7 weeks, since pregnancy has been a serious hair loss, what is the cause? What is the way to treat it? Consideration is due to abnormal hormone secretion, which is the main reason. Secondly, it may also be caused by insufficiency of Qi and blood. It is recommended to rest at 10 p.m. and… Read More »