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A 85-year-old woman with herpes zoster 10 days ago

Female, 85 years old, suffered from herpes zoster 10 days ago, and is now basically cured. But now it’s painful. How can treatment alleviate pain? Better be cured. Can radical cure not guarantee, recommend a small prescription, Coptis 20 grams, centipede five. Two grams of borneol. Study the details together. The fragrant oil is mixed… Read More »

Now in my junior year, my symptoms start from my freshman year.

Now in junior year, the symptoms start from freshman year. Sleep at 11 o’clock at night, wake up in half an hour, and insomnia after 12 o’clock. Some nights when they fall asleep, they wake up in the morning with a blindfolded head and no spirit. No appetite, but still quite fat, a little constipation,… Read More »

At the age of eighteen this year, shampoo and sideburns have fallen off, but only hair roots are left. What should we do?

This year’s eighteen-year-old usually shampoo has also lost sideburns, only hair roots. From your description, this year’s eighteen-year-old usually shampoo has also lost sideburns, only hair roots, mostly appear. First of all, we should pay attention to dietary nutrition. We should not eat convenience food. We can take Shengfa capsules. Dietary nutrition should also be… Read More »

I’m 16 years old. I’ve been losing my hair for years.

This 16-year-old, I have lost my hair for several years. My hair is not long-lasting and itchy. It’s seborrheic alopecia, and I drink Chinese medicine and wash my hair. But it’s useless. I hope I can give some treatment opinions that are not too clear. It’s better to upload pictures in order to make a… Read More »

A college student

One is a college student. I don’t know when to start losing my hair. Neither did they care too much. It’s the season now. It’s a little serious. What should we pay attention to? Or is there any way to treat it? Your problem is that your hair loss is serious? Generally, hair loss is… Read More »

Nineteen years old. Hair is falling off badly.

This year, 19 years old, hair drops badly, frequent itching, hair began to thin and soft, about 4.5 months you are caused by strict anemia, mainly due to weakness of the spleen and stomach, insufficient Qi and blood, have to be early nourished! Now you eat the tonifying spleen and stomach of ginseng back to… Read More »

Female, 21, at school, with severe hair loss

Female, 21 years old, go to school, hair loss is serious, can see obvious changes, before many very black hair, dandruff, oil, have stayed up late. What causes hair loss? What should we pay attention to at ordinary times? What should we eat more or less in terms of food? How to choose shampoo? What… Read More »

I’m 12 years old and I suddenly found blood on my underwear today.

I am 12 years old. Today, I suddenly found blood on my underwear. Some of them are dark red. What should I pay attention to? Can I wash my hair? A 12-year-old girl suddenly found blood dark red on her underwear. Considering the possibility of menstruation, she suggested communicating with her mother and taking protective… Read More »

This 37-year-old suffers from severe hair loss.

This year, 37 years old, hair loss is serious, there are many gray hair, what is the problem, what method of treatment? I’m glad to answer your question. Are you talking about serious hair loss recently? And more white hair. What is the reason? How to treat it? According to your description, there are many… Read More »

Husband 39 this year, in recent years

Husband 39 this year, in recent years, because of the pressure of work, hair is getting less and less, although there is no whole piece off, but obviously feel less, the top of the head can see the skin, usually the hair is oily, two or three days, it can not be oily, how to… Read More »