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Paronychia, bleeding, swelling, what surgery to do

Paronychia, bleeding, swelling, to do what surgery, surgery, rest for a few days, the specific cost of this situation to go to general surgery or dermatology in time, and then cut off the residual nail or pull out, incision and purulent treatment, and strengthen the use of anti-inflammatory drugs to treat, this is a very… Read More »

Suddenly, a piece of hair fell over the left ear.

Suddenly found a piece of hair above the left ear fell, usually did not pay attention to, when did not know! What about this? Do you need an examination? Such symptoms may be caused by alopecia. Generally, such alopecia does not have any sensation. If there is not much alopecia, external treatment can be used.… Read More »

Eleven and a half-month-old babies were vaccinated this morning.

Eleven and a half-month babies. I got a vaccination this morning. Hepatitis B. The baby’s voice was bubbly this afternoon. The examination says herpes. Can I take some medicine? Hepatitis B vaccine is a common biological product. Vaccination of rabies vaccine can prevent rabies according to the situation you described. In this case, antiviral drugs… Read More »

Thirty-seven weeks pregnant, to have a haircut today

Thirty-seven weeks pregnant, today to cut hair, just cut short, cut short, the barber helped me curl the tail perm down, disposable, no medication, but a little perm, took about 10 minutes, should be okay? If you’re 37 weeks pregnant, go to the barber’s to have your hair trimmed. A perm on your hair tail… Read More »