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The edges of fingernails are hard and painful when pressed.

The edge of fingernails is hard and painful when pressed. There are purple spots in the nails, which are getting bigger and bigger day by day. Please take a look at your situation. It may be the injury of fingertips and the change of nails after trauma. It may be the swelling of the fingertips… Read More »

What department should I hang for a knot on the left waist?

The symptoms of a knot in the left waist can’t be judged by what department it should hang. It needs to be diagnosed by color Doppler ultrasonography. It is suggested that medical bills be issued for color Doppler ultrasonography. A knot in the left waist will hurt when touched. It has not been felt for… Read More »

What’s the problem of fingernail vertical striation?

What is the problem of vertical lines on fingernails? Sometimes there are little black spots in fingernails, little black spots. There are dense or sparse prismatic vertical lines on the nails. If this happens for a short time and disappears quickly, it is usually due to overuse of the brain, too tired and insufficient sleep.… Read More »

More hair has been lost in half a month recently.

Recently, half a month’s hair has dropped a lot. What’s the matter? I’ve got a little touch of my hand and nearly 10 of these chronic alopecia caused by the influence of internal and external factors in my life, resulting in blood heat, dryness and kidney deficiency. It’s the only medicine or method to treat… Read More »

What hairstyle does a woman with severe hair loss have?

My hair is very sparse from a young age. I started to lose it again in recent years. I used to wear a ponytail braid or a bow, but I think it would be less and less. What hairstyle should I cut badly? If the hair loss is very serious, I need to check to… Read More »

Nourishing blood and invigorating qi, stomachache caused by anger

Nourishing blood and invigorating qi, because of the stomachache caused by anger, what medicine should I take? Who’s kind??? Free treatment for me. According to what you have said, you need to regulate your mood, and you can take Chinese patent medicine. It is suggested that we should keep a calm mind and regulate mood.… Read More »

This year 14, pubic hair has grown.

This year 14, pubic hair is long, pants clip to pain, can you cut it off? Or cut it short? Hello, pubic hair will grow gradually over time. If discomfort is caused by too long pubic hair, it can be pruned properly. Hello, but pay attention to the fact that if the pubic hair is… Read More »

What medicine is good for hair loss in one year after delivery?

My hair was good before, but since I gave birth to a child, it has been worse than a day, and now the child has been a week. Is there any good medicine to treat hair loss? Hair loss has something to do with tiredness, restlessness, nervousness, lack of trace elements and partial diet. The… Read More »

Recently, I’ve been thinking about things.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about it all the time. Before I go to bed at night, I often can’t sleep. After I fall asleep, I also have dreams. I also have a feeling of hair loss. According to the symptoms, the patient should be deficient in Qi and blood, which leads to malfunction of nutrition… Read More »

Hair has a pinch of white hair, scalp is not white, from birth.

Hair has a pinch of white hair, scalp is not white, from birth there is an analysis according to the situation you described, as long as it is not vitiligo do not have to worry about. This situation is considered to be caused by the loss of local pigments. Now we can observe it or… Read More »