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Suddenly I noticed a pinch of hair falling over my head.

Suddenly found a pinch of hair on the top of your head, a dollar coin so big place, what reason do you say this place is alopecia areata, which belongs to the deficiency of Qi and blood caused by Chinese medicine that hair is Qi and blood metaplasia. It is suggested that you use some… Read More »

What hairstyle do you have for hair loss on the top of your head?

Hair has not been much since childhood, but now after high school, it has fallen off severely and has been treated everywhere, but there is no good therapeutic effect. Now there is no hair on the top of the head. What kind of haircut would be better like me? You should go to a better… Read More »

What is a hair replacement for hair loss?

This year only 45, I feel very young, but the recent hair loss situation, that is, every time I wash my hair and comb my hair, I also lose a lot of hair. I heard that hair can be replaced. What is the hair replacement? Hair replacement is only the first step, but also we… Read More »

A child suddenly bald on his head

The child’s head suddenly had a bald head. There was a coin size. It was alopecia areata. Can a child use Minoxidil Gel? Alopecia areata is mainly related to staying up late, excessive stress, bad mood, anxiety and tension. If the area is too large and hair loss is too fast, oral hormone therapy is… Read More »

Suddenly, a piece of hair fell over the left ear.

Suddenly found a piece of hair above the left ear fell, usually did not pay attention to, when did not know! What about this? Do you need an examination? Such symptoms may be caused by alopecia. Generally, such alopecia does not have any sensation. If there is not much alopecia, external treatment can be used.… Read More »

What’s the cause of this carbuncle and what’s in it?

What’s the cause of this carbuncle, what’s in it or what may be caused by folliculitis or sebaceous gland cyst? It’s suggested to apply Baiduobang ointment externally. There are two carbuncles growing in the vagina. It’s not painful or itchy recently. The leucorrhea is also normal. The result of examination is cervicitis and cervix. There… Read More »

What’s the reason for itching scalp and hair loss?

What’s the reason for itching scalp and hair loss? Every way is used. The scalp is still itchy, even if it is washed every day, it itches! According to the situation you described, seborrheic dermatitis with alopecia should be considered preliminarily. For treatment, cetirizine tablets can be taken orally, and selenium disulfide lotion can be… Read More »

Before that, she had gynecological inflammation and had two quan-jian-fu therapies.

Previously, there was gynecological inflammation, did two Quan Jian fire therapy, the inflammation was more serious, and white pox appeared, itching painful, Baidu Cha know is herpes, herpes patients take what medicine, how to arrange diet. If the test is herpes, or is caused by a virus infection, some antiviral drugs, such as acyclovir ointment,… Read More »

What’s the reason why you can see the scalp when you have less hair curl?

If you are 16 years old, your hair is soft. If you don’t wash it for two days, the oil is not too clear. It’s recommended that you upload pictures to make a definite diagnosis. You can also go to the dermatology department of the third-level hospital for face-to-face diagnosis, so that professional staff can… Read More »

A lot of hair loss has lasted for nearly two months.

A lot of hair loss has lasted for nearly two months. Every time you wash your hair, you will lose a lot. Because you are afraid of losing your hair, you will blow it dry and comb it again every time, but you will still lose a lot. The amount of hair loss in a… Read More »