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White hair loss, dry hair, rough skin, red skin, 22 years old, male

White hair loss, dry hair, rough skin, red skin, 22-year-old man is blood fever, weak kidney qi, weak Qi and blood are all the causes of white hair, which should be treated by traditional Chinese medicine. In diet, do not eat onion, garlic, ginger, pepper, prickly ash and other hot condiments. In life, such as… Read More »

I feel that there are signs of hair loss in the hair whirlpool. Is there a better anti hair loss shampoo

I feel hair loss in the whirlpool. There is no better anti hair loss shampoo just feel the hair vortex has hair loss. Usually, you can see if there is hair when you wash your hair. If there are signs of hair loss, there will be a lot of hair falling in the water when… Read More »

My hair is bald due to dermatitis

I have hair baldness caused by dermatocystitis for several years. Check that Kangwang Shampoo can be used to shampoo, by the way, I opened a compound polymyxin B ointment to wipe the scalp. Does this work? I used 2 weeks to feel the effect is not very obvious according to your body suffering from head… Read More »

My forehead is gray, about a year, but not anywhere else. I don’t know what’s going on.

Forehead grey, about a year, no other place, I do not know what is going on according to the symptoms of patients should be deficiency of Qi and blood leading to nutritional and moisturizing dysfunction, hair loss of nutritional nutrition, so hair grey recommended to tonify Qi and blood, blood-nourishing drug Bazhen granules, Yangxue Shengfa… Read More »

Hair is oily and bald.

Hair is oily, hair loss, hair loss for several years. The skin is getting darker and darker. What is the reason? This may be seborrheic dermatitis, mostly caused by staying up late, irregular diet and too much work pressure. Oral vitamin B2, B6, compound vitamin B tablets. Kangwang Shampoo for External Use. Maintain the regularity… Read More »

When I was young, my hair was very dark, but it was too dull.

I grew up with dark hair. It’s just too boring. And hair loss is very serious. What to do? Which shampoo to use? Hair damage, frequent hair dyeing or exposure to chemicals can lead to hair loss or dull symptoms. If the hair is dry, you may consider using a shampoo containing ginger ingredients, which… Read More »

My hair has been grey since junior high school.

My hair grey from junior high school, to high school began to drop, and many white hair, please help me according to your body appears white hair itself, considering the blood heat or kidney deficiency, insufficient blood and other factors caused by the comprehensive performance, it is recommended to the hospital through laboratory tests and… Read More »

How about a bald head with a piece of grey hair around it? That’s it.

How about hair loss with a piece of white hair around it? That’s it. From what you said, this consideration is disillusionment. To prevent hair loss, we should adjust our daily life and diet, stay up late at night, and don’t drink some strong tea or coffee. When you have time, you can strengthen physical… Read More »

Hair loss, itchy hair, dirty roots and long hair

Hair loss, itchy hair, dirty hair roots supplementary questions: Also long hair may be caused by seborrheic alopecia due to lack of hygiene, it is recommended that you can apply clindamycin metronidazole liniment, oral hair tablets, hair loss and itchy symptoms, may be caused by fungal infections, can use ketoconazole shampoo shampoo, do not eat… Read More »

Sleep, white hair, hair loss, bags under the eyes, erectile difficulty, prostatitis, dysuria

Drowsiness, white hair, hair loss, bags under the eyes, erection difficulties, prostatitis, dysuria according to the medical history you provide, the current consideration may be a problem of kidney deficiency, the causes may be caused by the pressure of your life and work, it is suggested that you need to pay attention to rest, relax,… Read More »